Lawson Philippines introduces Lawson Signature Spicy Chicken


Lawson Philippines introduces Lawson Signature Spicy Chicken

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In today’s fast paced world, people become heavily dependent on merchants that guarantee convenience, efficient speed of service and value for money. It is for this reason as to why Lawson has gained its popularity over the last 5 years as the go-to convenience store for many, especially the working sector. Accesibly situated in areas flocked by huge crowds, Lawson provides a wide range of affordably priced products essential for day-to-day living, from the basics to ready-to-eat hearty meals.

Lawson offers an extensive line-up of food products giving customers endless options in satisfying their hunger. It has steamed and fried food, sandwiches, pasta, and rice meals that has captured the taste buds of Filipinos. Because Filipinos love chicken, it is no wonder that Lawson Signature Chicken has always been one of the top picks, making it Lawson’s specialty.

Marinated in spices, Lawson Signature Chicken stands out with its distinct flavor. This crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside Lawson Signature Chicken is not only affordable but is also bigger than the usual. It will certainly make one want and need more rice. The good newa is it comes with unlimite rice just like Lawson’s other value sets, giving off another huge savings in the budget.

As a treat to its customers for the month of February, Lawson Signature Spicy Chicken with Coke combo will be available for only P102, slashing P10 from its original price. For a minimal amount, customers can savor the delicious taste of Lawson Signagure Chicken. This well-loved crunchy crispy fried chicken is available in all Lawson branches anytime, even during the wee hours of the night.

With its outstanding and reasonable price, Lawson Signature Chicken is truly a good buy, so head over to your nearest Lawson branch and fill in those grumbling stomachs without hurting your pockets.

Check out Lawson’s Philippines website:; Instagram ( @lawsonphilippines) and Facebook ( to learn more about their latest offerings and promos.

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