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It's time for The Alley! Taiwanese premium milk tea brand opens this May 10 at the SM Mall of Asia


It's time for The Alley! Taiwanese premium milk tea brand opens this May 10 at the SM Mall of Asia

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The Alley It’s Time for Tea was established in Taiwan in 2013 and is the one that pioneered the brown sugar milk phenomenon. Since then, it has opened stores globally which include outlets in Canada, USA, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, HongKong, Macau, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore (soon).

The founder Mr. Mao Ting Chiu, who is also a creative designer by field of expertise, believes that every person strives to find the definition of fine drinks. Bearing this in mind, The Alley strives to give you an overwhelming joy by serving you drinks not only with good ingredients and taste but also applies aesthetics to them.

From careful selection of tea leaves, blending between creative and traditional process, having their own homemade sugar cane syrup and their pearls, popularly known as Deerioca, are made starting from scratch, which are hand-kneaded beautifully and meticulously for the best soft chewy experience and aroma. The Alley is committed to serve customers only the best of the best.

One of the signature drinks of The Alley is their Brown Sugar Deerioca Series. Their pearls are cooked in a first-rate brown sugar customized only for The Alley and mixed with fresh milk and premium tea selection.

Other series that made the craze are their Royal no. 9 Milk Tea which every tea lover would surely enjoy the aroma and taste.
The Aurora Series which has two varieties, the Northern Lights and Morning Dawn, a certified art in a bottle that has instantly gone viral in social media.

Snow Velvet series, a rich creamy cheese foam that goes well with their tea series for those who loves a delectable creamy taste.

The Alley is not just a milk tea stand but a shop where you can experience the art of creating mouth-watering and visually appealing drinks.

Now, The Alley is also expanding in merchandise where the founder can express his art not just in every cup but also in every merchandise that can be used by their deer fans in their everyday routine.

Soon to open branches are O Square 2 in Greenhills, SM North Edsa City Center, The Podium and SM Sta Mesa.

Photos are from The Alley Tea Phillipines Facebook account.

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