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F Crafted Tea : What’s The ‘Tea’ For This Beautiful Tea Shop?


F Crafted Tea : What’s The ‘Tea’ For This Beautiful Tea Shop?

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The milk tea craze really isn’t over as new shops emerge but clamor to give customers more than just our fave milk tea. Now, here comes a fresh, and I mean really fresh, take on the tea scene as we welcome F CRAFTED Tea in their new home at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay.


As a tea lover herself, the owner, Ms. Jane Fernando, wanted to bring the high-tea experience here in Manila and was determined to offer only the finest teas at an affordable price, thus, the birth of F CRAFTED TEA.


Are they really more than just a milk tea shop? Read on for my F.A.B. review!


As other tea shops only offer mostly black tea or green tea, here, we were welcomed by a menu of thank goodness because they don’t only have milk tea, but an array of different tea offerings that I heard was sourced from different parts of the world.

The drinks were categorized into the following:


Iced tea drinks with generous slices of fresh fruits

F Crafted

I tried the F Crafted Tea Signature Drink (Mixed Fruit). The flavor of tea for me was not that strong but I loved how the flavors of different fruits were combined giving it a refreshing aftertaste. And, you are free to munch on the fruits that come with it.


Tea drinks mixed with milk and pearl sinkers

F Crafted

I tried the Thai Ice Cream Float. As I am a fan of really cold drinks and thai iced tea, I enjoyed this drink because it is what I call for myself a ‘double cold’ drink, which is a cold drink + ice cream. If you mix in the ice cream with that thai milk tea, it makes this drink a lot creamier and tastier.


Ice blended drinks capped off with that sweet-salty milk cream topping

F Crafted

I tried their Cream Avocado Milk Cap. The topping I really love because it is really that pinch of salt in the sweet cream or milk that really makes the difference. The avocado drink is also yummy but one you mix that topping, it brings it to another level.


If you want it like the traditional milk tea but with a different flavor, try their French Rose Black Milk Tea.


Tea drinks and juices mixed with crushed ice

F Crafted

I tried their Aurora Grape Slush (Northern Lights). If you don’t know about the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, it is a natural light display in the sky which gives off different streaks of wonderful colors. This drink is certainly a good representation of that. It is a colorful and refreshing drink made with butterfly pea tea and citrus fruits (grapes, lemons, etc.) that changes color when mixed together. A refreshing drink that I love and I noted that the drink was not watered down even after a few minutes of not drinking it.

F Crafted

If you are a fan of cookies in your drink, then you may wanna try their Oreo Overload Smoothie.


Iced version of teas, either classic or with milk. I wasn’t able to try the teas under this but this selection has the Jasmine White Tea, a quite rare tea grown only in the mountains of China’s Fujian Province and hand-picked merely two days of the year. They also have the narurally caffeine-free Rooibos tea from South Africa. Amazing!


Hot tea, as classic and as simple as it can be

F Crafted


We were given their Canada Mixed Berries Hot Tea, it gave a nice combination of an herby but more fruity aroma which I think will energize you and yet give you a comforting vibe.

Hong Kong Bubble Waffle

Hong Kong bubble waffles or egg waffles are spherical egg-based waffle popular in Hong Kong and Macau. Here, they are served with a variety of toppings and sauces that will suit any sweet tooth.

F Crafted

Oreo Cookies and Cream

F Crafted

Strawberry Mallows

F Crafted

Matcha Red Bean

F Crafted

Almonds and Cream

F Crafted

Their waffles are flavorful and are filling unlike some which are just full of air.

And the best part, their cakes and pastries are on 50% OFF!


I heard that these are from a well-loved bakery brand and as I tasted them, I immediately understood why this brand is a crowd favorite!

Classic Chocolate Cake

F Crafted

The cake was not overly sweet but super chocolatey! I love it!

Fudge Brownies, Crinkles and Choco Revel Bar

F Crafted

I love the fudge brownie as this is one of the moistest fudge brownies I have ever tasted! Love it!

Carrot Cake

F Crafted

If you are looking for a sweet yet somewhat guilt-free dessert with your tea then better get this one.

Some of the cakes and pastries are on 50% OFF but might change until supplies last, so ask from the friendly server. F Crafted Tea is still looking for that perfect accompaniment to their lovely teas, so if you loved some of the food here, recommend it to their servers so it may get a ‘permanent’ status in their menu. ❤

I totally recommend the Classic Chocolate Cake and Fudgie Brownies to be on permanent status. ❤❤❤


So, I think there are two sides of the store: one for those who are looking for an outrageously beautiful and ‘flowery’ scene and one if you are looking for the more typical but ‘flawesome’ scene.

F Crafted Tea

The first side that you would instantly notice is the part the well-lit, ombre-like flower wall which is instant food for your instgram.


It has cute pink seats but feels like it is more if you jisy feel like casually dropping by or take a quick respite out of your shopping.

Look at me feeding my instagram with this beautiful piece of art.


While on the other side, is the more typical dine-in scene with more comfortable seats still embellished with that eye-catching but subdued colors of pink.


And yeah, I agree with their wall statement. Nobody’s perfect, so accept your flaws and be awesome at the same time!

Overall, this is such an inviting place filled with fancies, but whether you choose to stay or just take a pic is all up to you. The more important part is that they serve quality teas and food that for me is already worth what someone is paying for.


The staff were friendly and we received our drinks and food on time.


Location: 4F Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Paranaque City

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To know more about F Crafted Tea, follow them in their social media sites:


Instagram: @fcraftedtea

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