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Family Favorites Kitchen : Homey Comfort Food


Family Favorites Kitchen : Homey Comfort Food

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The busy Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong is lined up with well-known condominiums and establishments: Cityland Condominium, Sparta Gym, National Bookstore Head Office, HMR Trading Haus to name a few. And now, it is the new home of a homey restaurant called Family Favorites Kitchen.
Family Favorites Kitchen originated from the US. It was brought here to the Philippines by the owners who tried to recreate the same menu from the US brand but who knew better and would like to make their own mark. They have created their own recipes that the Filipino palate is more accustomed to, well-loved comfort food and baked goodies. I have seen their online store before and was enthralled by thier beautiful pastries and skillfully handmade cakes they have made for their clients. Just look at these pictures from their Facebook account:

We had the chance to be at their soft opening and tried some of their comfort food offerings.
While waiting for our food to be served, we ordered some of their drinks:White Chocolate Mocha and Dark Chocolate Mocha. The taste is simple and yet comforting, just the way we like it.

We also browsed through their glass display and checked out their inviting pastries.

They serve here their lovely and colorful creations: cakes, cupcakes, bars and cookies, chocolate crinkles and those cute and colorful bonbons or truffles. They are all pretty, right?!

So, moving on to the main dishes for the day, first off is their pasta. We had their Longanisa Aglio e Oglio, I super love this pasta not only because the pasta was al dente but the bite of spice and garlic blends well with the smokey flavor of the longanisa.

And now, the SILOGs. The word SI-LOG is a combination of two words – SInangag, meaning fried rice, and itLOG, meaning egg, which is usually a fried sunny side-up egg.
The first one is my favorite, Baconsilog. Well, everything tastes better with bacon! haha… They prepare the bacon from scratch! They choose the meat, season it and then slice it thinly and fried to crisp perfection! I usually eat bacon with mayonaisse as my dip. For me, bacon + mayo = heaven!

Tocilog, sweet-cured pork meat which is another populer choice. This is the perfect choice for those who love mixing sweet and savory. It is better when you have a spiced vinegar to dip the Tocino in.

Longsilog, this is our local sausage, the Longganisa or the Longanisa, which is also perfect to dip in your spiced vinegar.

Bangsilog, butterflied fried Bangus or the Milkfish, National Fish of the Philippines, which is one of the healthier options for the health-conscious.

Tapsilog, one of the more popular options. Dried or cured beef meat seasoned with salt and spices. You may dip it in vinegar with a little salt, spiced vinegar or even in ketchup.

For those who feel like eating a hotter meal, then their Arroz Caldo or Rice Porridge with Chicken, is for you. Nothing beats Arroz Caldo as a comfort food, we usually have it specially when we are sick or just to keep warm on a rainy day but here, you can have it any time. Rice is flavored with chicken and ginger, while chunks of chicken give it more texture and garnishings of spring onions, garlic, onion leeks and hard-boiled egg.

One particular interesting find here is the Francesinha Sandwich, a Portuguese sandwich made of sausage, ham, beef belly, fontina cheese, egg and beer gravy. It’s a protein-rich heavy meal, considering that it has french fries on the side, that is to pretty to eat. Love the mixture of that egg yolk, cheese and beer gravy over those chunks of meat.
As Family Favorites Kitchen started with pastries, cakes and desserts, they are also offering them as part of their menu.
Four Cheese Ensaymada, a very inviting ball of gruyere, fontina, cheddar, and mozzarella cheeses that are all melted on top of a soft bread. Easily can be anyone’s favorite because why not?!

Rainbow Cake, both an eye-catching dessert and a simple finish to a great breakfast set.

According to them, “All of their cakes are skillfully made from the freshest ingredients. They only produce comforting, familiar, detailed, well executed food.” and I agree! Better visit them at Lane 123 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City and have a taste of Family Favorites Kitchen.
Family Favorites Kitchen is open from 11 AM – 7 PM, Monday to Friday. You may also follow their official social media accounts for more information:
Facebook: Family Favorites Kitchen
Instagram: @FamilyFavoritesKitchen
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