EDEN: Providing Comfort Through Food


EDEN: Providing Comfort Through Food

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Manila, PhilippinesSometimes life can bring you down.What do you do when you need a pick-me-upper? Maybe, gathering your friends or confiding in family members helps unload the weight. Sometimes, retail therapy also becomes a worthy cause.
But for most people, sitting in the kitchen and being served with your Mom’s delicious and beloved dishes brings the best type of comfort. Every spoonful of her adobo is like being given a warm and comforting hug at the end of a long day.
This is exactly what Eden Cheese aims to provide many Pinoys today – that extra comfort accomplished by adding Eden to turn beloved meals and recipes even more delicious and comforting. .
As the number one cheese brand in the Philippines, Eden Cheese has a 33-year long history being part of Filipinos’ lives, even beyond the first bite. Its creamy taste can make Mom’s dishes not only delicious but help enhance the feeling of comfort her cooking provides. Eden Cheese aims to continue giving comfort through Moms’ dishes by sharing creative ways to enjoy your favorite comfort foods,” shares Michelle Gan, Mondelez Philippines’ Category Lead for Cheese in the Philippines. Eden Cheese is a product of Mondelez Philippines and is one of the ways the Company has been creating more moments of joy for the past 55 years in the country.
Eden Comfort Food Maker and Stories of Warmth

Even if you can’t have your Mom’s comfort food everyday, Eden Cheese has created ways to provide comfort to Filipinos.  One way is through the Eden Comfort Food Maker, which is placed at strategic locations around the metro where people often need a pick-me-up like offices, hospitals and bus terminals. The Eden Comfort Food Maker produces a variety of warm and cheesy meals depending on the person’s mood and need – Cheesy Pork Steak, Cheesy Tuna Melt, Cheesy Pork Giniling and Cheesy Chicken Adobo.
Michelle adds, “A delicious meal provides comfort just like Mom’s hug does. Eden Cheese wants to be present at these touchpoints because it’s important for people to know that they deserve this level of ease and hopefully, a stomach full of Eden Cheesy dishes will help them along the way.”
Whether you’re a regular employee needing a break from the demands of office life, or a stranded passenger in the bus terminal waiting for the next available trip, the Eden Comfort Food Maker can cook up a hot, simple dish in just two minutes. Eden will provide comfort to the people who need it through the best way the brand knows how: Your favorite dishes made more delicious and creamier with Eden Cheese.
These efforts will be made part of the brand’s Yakap Stories, a digital series launched in 2017 where Eden Cheese honors the many unsung heroes of today.
Eden is available in 35g (Php 10.75), 165g (Php 48.50) and 440g (Php 125.00) .
To know more, like Eden on Facebook (www.facebook.com/EdenCheesePH).
You may also visit http://cheeseanything.com/ for more Eden Cheese recipes.

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