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Bistro Charlemagne – The Mighty Bistro Conquers Ayala Malls Manila Bay


Bistro Charlemagne – The Mighty Bistro Conquers Ayala Malls Manila Bay

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Charlemagne, a familiar name that some may relate to nobelty, a mighty King’s name, but for me, it is a befitting name for one of my fave restaurants that has a mighty menu that any picky eater will surely come to love.


Charlemagne, by the way, is also the name of the tall, chinito, brawny, and super hands-on restaurant owner that you will surely not miss whenever he is in the restaurant. Make sure to say Hi!

I have been introduced to Charlemagne by my blogger friend, Francis Garrido last 2017 and it has become my favorite ever since, I consider it as one of my top fave restaurants, why? Visiting their newest branch at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay, let me explain through my F.A.B. rating.


Bistro Charlemagne boasts a menu of Asian Fusion dishes with a hint of Western cuisine. Some of the dishes stayed true to their original recipe way back 2001 when they were still Little Asia while most of the dishes are fairly new innovations which in my opinion, makes this restaurant a cut above the rest.

Here are some of DELICIOUS dishes we tried.

Japanese Mixed Seafood Salad


Loved the presentation but moreover, the taste is a fusion over fusion. It’s a spicy tuna tartare + shrimp + kani salad in one! I usually order these separately but this salad rules them all. A must-order for sushi lovers!

Bistro Sisig Fries


It’s a crossover between sloppy fries and our beloved Pinoy sisig. Made with fries, jalapeño, thrice-cooked pork cheeks, some crunchy chicharon bulaklak (love it!), and that creamy chicken liver sauce that binded all of these together. It is a noteworthy beermatch that you should not definitely miss.

Little Asia’s Crispy Chicken


A classic house specialty since the 1950s. No wonder it survived the years because it’s definitely something what you’d ask for in a chicken recipe: simple, tasty and crispy.

Ox Sisig

Ox Sisig at Bistro Charlemagne

Its tagline is, “mouthwatering’ is an understatement” so how am I gonna describe it?! Ahhh.. “truly drool-worthy!” Has tender ox tongue and ox tripe with that crispy chicharon bulaklak and that yummy special livermansi sauce, ahhh.. salivating again while writing this. A must-order for those wanting to look for the best sisig in town!

Beef Tenderloin Rolls with Cheese


If you love cheese, this is for you, but if you love beef and cheese, then this dish mush be heaven-sent! Rolled strips of tenderloin with melting cheese inside and then bathed with authentic teriyaki sauce! One of my favorites here and perfect for the kids and of course, for kids-at-heart like me and you.

Lengua In Mushroom White Sauce


Honestly, I don’t eat lengua. Maybe it’s something psychological, you know, french kissing an animal, but this one is definitely an exception. The meat is so tender and it tasted like a yummy roast beef with that creamy sauce!

Cantonese Prawns


I am sad for those who are allergic to prawns because this is one stellar dish and according to them, the most photographed dish that doesn’t disappoint. Well, I completely agree! Big and succulent prawns smothered in a divine sauce of melted cheese and cream sauce. Amen!

Japanese Tofu Steak


You think this is just one of those you order at other Japanese restaurants, but think again. The silken tofu is so soft it melts in your mouth and that sauce and toppings of shredded chicken, kuchay, and mushrooms are flavorful. I tell you, no exaggeration, you will ask for seconds.

Combination Chow Mein


A complete noodle dish with beef, pork, chicken, shrimps, squids and vegetables that packs a lot of flavor. Imagine that, it has all the meat and it even has vegetables and yet, when I tried the noodles, it was already tasty?! I love this noodle dish!

Yang Chow Fried Rice


I don’t think I was able to get enough rice because all the dishes are a complete delight in itself. But for sure, the rice is as tasty as the other dishes. It also serves a lot in one order.




I am not a fan of marshmallows but this one is again, an exception, because of the chocolate ganache made from Ghirardelli chocolates, an exceptional chocolate ftom San Francisco that has been around since 1852.

Vietnamese Coconut Drink


This is Christmas as a drink but certainly has the Asian vibe with the sweetness and aroma of that special coconut milk. What I love about it is the chewy bits and pieces of gulaman and sago.

Creamy Mudslide


Chocolate lovers can enjoy this drink that has a touch of liquor, maybe Baileys, just to keep you awake and energetic. I love this drink!

Mango Daiquiri


A refreshing drink that can keep conversations interesting since it looks like a conversation starter drink.

Blueberry Banana


Tangy fruity drink with a hint of your fave banana that gives it its sweetness.

Choco Peanut Banana


If you are a fan of fruity and nutty, then this drink is for you.

At a glance, you will see that the dishes are a little pricey but upon tasting the dishes here, the exquisite plating (and a close inspection of the ingredients), the price point is worth it. You will feel that you actually got more than what you paid for. That is why I keep coming back!

But if you still think otherwise, you are welcome to try their SET MEALS. The meal comes with your choice of one of their bestselling dishes, soup, rice and iced tea.

set meals

For those interested to share the dishes with their friends and family members, Charlemagne now also offer Party Trays which are good for 12 upto 20 persons depending on the dishes you would love to try.








You will feel like royalty when dining here with their instagrammable posh interiors, red velvety chairs with gold faux croc seats.



And just the perfect lighting for a family rendezvous, get together with friends, or a date with your special someone.


You might be intimidated by the interiors but just come in and enjoy the sumptuous meals that await you and your ‘royal court’.


We had no problems with the service. All our requests and orders arrived on time. What makes it extra special is that you might be able to see the owner of the restaurant checking up on you. He is so hands on that most loyal customers could attest to his hospitable charm that adds to the pleasant dining experience here at Bistro Charlemagne.

For more information about Bistro Charlemagne, follow them in their social media accounts:


INSTAGRAM: @bistrocharlemagne

They now have three branches:

1. Ayala Malls Manila Bay – Visit this NEW branch at the 3F Cinemas Building, Ayala Malls Manil Bay, Aseana Boulevard, Paranaque City

2. Ayala Malls Feliz – 5F Ayala Malls Feliz, Dela Paz, Pasig City

3. Solenad, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa – Solenad 3, Ayala Malls Solenad, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna

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