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Toby's Estate's Seasonal Menu: Spain+Tex-Mex+Summer Love!

Toby's Estate's Seasonal Menu: Spain+Tex-Mex+Summer Love!

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A lot of us know that Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters serve yummy cakes and pastries such as the Chunky Blondes, Bruce Bogtrotter and our favorite Bucky’s, but little that we know that they also serve delectable sandwiches, snacks and full dishes that go well with our  favorite Toby’s Estate coffee! And now, I will let you know!
Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters recently launched their Single Origin Espresso Series, the Costa Rica El Jaguar, and now, they are launching their Seasonal Menu for the 1st Quarter of 2018! I noticed the theme on this season’s menu is a little bit of Spain and Summer and a lot of Tex-Mex, which we totally love!
Chef Joaquin Migallos, Head Chef of Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters, said that the inspiration for this season’s menu was influenced by his previous culinary experiences, and we couldn’t be even more happier to be part of the launch of his menu this season.

Seafood Chorizo Paella

A sumptuous fusion of the seas’ freshest and finest shrimps and clams,  and the taste of  that sweet-spicy Chorizo is what will excite you. We loved this dish because it can be a snack and a heavy meal in one. The slightly toasted rice at the bottom of that cast iron pan was a totally different taste and sensation as you enjoy this dish ’til that last grain of rice.

Braised Beef Tacos

Taco Tuesday shouldn’t only be celebrated on Tuesday but all season with this taco filled with a yummy mixure of braised beef, ricotta cheese and sour cream topped with salsa roja (a red Mexican salsa made of tomatoes).


For the canivores out there who would like to make others think you are on a diet but is actually not is this Carnitas (braised or roasted pork served shredded in small pieces) and forrest ham with Kosher Dill pickle, Dijon mustard and cheese served with a yummy side of potato chips that we couldn’t stop munching. This one is good enough for two persons or for one carnivore who is on a diet (*wink wink).

Berry Crunch Smoothie Bowl

A totally refreshing bowl of mixed strawberries, blueberries and raspberries topped with this season’s tropical fruits and Toby’s  extra crunch. Perfect dish to cool you down this summer!
Now, you know that Toby’s Estate serves these yummy new dishes, head on now to the following locations:

  • Toby’s Estate V. Corporate Center – Salcedo
  • Toby’s Estate Senta – Legazpi
  • Toby’s Estate Whitespace Manila
  • Toby’s Estate Shangri-la at the Fort
  • Toby’s Estate Beta – Ortigas
  • Toby’s Estate Viridian in Greenhills

These dishes will only be available this season, so better hurry and go to Toby’s Estate and feast in this season’s delectable menu!
Watch about next season’s menu and to know more about other exciting releases from Toby’s Estate,  just follow us and Toby’s Estate in the following social media pages below:
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