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TIYO : Where Millenials and Titos of Manila Should Hangout

TIYO : Where Millenials and Titos of Manila Should Hangout

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We can’t deny that Tomas Morato is a haven for millenial foodies. Restaurants are slowly turning into modern ones and the vintage charm that we used to love in some restaurants are fading away. Good thing, the seamless marriage of modern chic and vintage can be found here at the Tiyo Craft Kitchen & Bar.

Now for our F.A.B. Review!


Tiyo amazes us with an array of well-curated Filipino dishes with-a-twist and I can say that these dishes are a total feast for the eyes. Rather cliche, but when you hear the stories of the dishes’ history and how it was carefully assembled, you will be intrigued and will come to a conclusion that the dishes are well thought out.

They love using local traditional ingredients and then zsuzhing up the presentation, to give that modern flair. Looking closely, you will see that the people of Tiyo want to highlight the Philippines’ regional dishes and present them in an unconventional way.

PICA-PICA (Appetizers)

Lengua Kaldereta Nachos

Who doesn’t love this ‘pulutan’? It has been a popular choice as an appetizer but have you seen one with kaldereta sauce? The usual salsa has been replaced with finely chopped lengua, kaldereta and kesong puti sauce and malunggay chimichurri and garnished with fried vermicelli noodles. The sauce is a little salty and it would be great if there were more nachos but this is a promising appetizer. A perfect beer match or can be a viand as well.

Manila Ensalada

Okoy or flat shrimp cakes, fried and crispy to golden perfection (deep-fried shrimp fritters popular in the Ilocos region) served with green mango, unripe papaya and assorted greens. I find it rather tough but I might have left it out in the open for too long. Would love to try it again soon.


Maranao Piyanggang Manok

A popular Mindanao dish of blackened chicken served with sakurab – a root vegetable traditionally used as a seasoning by Maranao people – along with coconut cream, lemongrass, turmeric, garlic, onion and ginger. I believe this is an acquired taste, I am not accustomed to it but it really left a good impression in my mouth.


Inihaw na Liempo Sinigang

A playful take on pork sinigang. The grilled pork belly is served with a tamarind gravy while a yummy sour tamarind broth sits alongside it. Both dishes are equally good on it’s own but you can also combine them! This is like two dishes in one, love it!


Dagupan Bangus Bistek

I love bistek with calamansi! A healthier alternative of deboned milkfish in soy calamansi sauce and garnished with red onion.


Corned Beef Caldereta

OMG! 2 of my fave dishes in one! Tender corned beef with that flavorful kaldereta sauce! I wouldn’t mind taking seconds or thirds or fourths!


Palitaw Mochi

Instead of the usual flat ones, this one had been turned into a mochi ball with bits of flavor surprises inside. It could be filled with either Malagos chocolate, Dulce de Leche or Ube (purple yam). Like a box of chocolates, you would never know what you gonna get! The taste inside was rather faint so I recommend to them to add more (just an excuse for me to have more!).

Turon a la Mode

A simple dessert made special with a scoop of gabi ice cream on top! Yummy!

They also have an array of exciting craft cocktails. These concoctions are designed around local spirits and mixed with other flavors that help accentuate its intrinsic flavor.

Pedro’s Uprising

basi or rice wine, lemongrass, brandy and mint

Jai Alai basil, white rum, brandy-infused cinnamon, tea, calamansi and honey

Blame It on the Barako

coffee liquer, cream, coconut rum, syrup and orange wedge

Not a fan of cocktails? Of course, you Tito! Don’t worry, they have a wide selection of craft beer and nine local tap beers from Engkanto Brewery.

Or order a Sampler Flight and choose from 3 beers available on tap.

Driving? Don’t worry because they also serve a Houseblend Iced Tea. And, have you ever heard of edible straw? Yes! It is a straw made out of tapioca and rice, totally safe for you and the turtle to bite into.

Overall, I am blown away with the presentation and the ingenuity of bending some of our well-loved recipes. I have some favorites but then again, for me, some of the food takes time to get used to. Would love to come back and try some more!


Originally built as a restaurant for engineers, you can feel the manliness in the interiors, the bar and the lounge at the door entrance. But any lady would be smittened by Old Manila feels of this restaurant. Spells out elegance for a romantic date with their muted lightings Escolya-themed murals and elegant white marble table tops to counter the dark seats, with some leather or vinyl (?) ones.

They have a high countertop bar for those who love to be close with their “spirits”.

They also have a room for more private functions.

This space suddenly turns into an entertainment extravaganza every Tuesday and Saturday nights. During these days, live musical entertainment is present to indulge you with some love songs for a romantic evening or some danceable music for you to break-in those dancing shoes.

(B)utler Service:

The servers know all the food and drinks that they serve! They can whip you up a great cocktail or select a tap beer based on your preference.

I will find it hard to believe as to why any chillax millenial or Tito of Manila would not love Tiyo. Everything you are looking for on a chill night is here: a thought-provoking but yummy menu, a long list of beers and spirits, a modern-slash-vintage ambience and live entertainment. What more can you ask for?

I never thought of myself as a tito but with this kinda restaurant, sign me up and I would be a tito enjoying a restaurant that is #TailoredToGoodTaste.

Location: 2F CKB Centre, Tomas Morato Avenue Corner Scout Rallos Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City

To know more information about Tiyo Craft Kitchen & Bar, follow them in their social media sites:

Facebook: Tiyo Craft Kitchen & Bar

Instagram: @tiyoph

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