Monday, July 15, 2024

These Local TikTok Content Creators Are Your Besties When It Comes To Beauty


These Local TikTok Content Creators Are Your Besties When It Comes To Beauty


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Goodbye, Youtube! These days, TikTok has been emerging as the top online and digital community for all things beauty and makeup. The longer than 5 minutes intensive video tutorials on how to create the perfect smokey eyes are now replaced with bite-sized clips of makeup transitions, skincare and makeup hacks, and short reviews and ratings on beauty products.

It’s safe to say, TikTok is the “IT” app right now. If you’re seeing a new makeup or skincare trend, then it most probably originated on the app.

With the rise of the video-sharing platform also comes a new set of influencers that are currently leading the beauty community. When it comes to makeup, skincare, and all things beauty, these are local content creators you should follow right now!


With the beauty market still lacking in terms of catering to people with deeper skin tones, it can be quite scary to start makeup as a morena. Don’t worry though, because Marj has got your back. This makeup enthusiast is a proud morena, and she’s all about embracing your own skin. If you’re a tan girl who’s looking for some makeup recommendations, then definitely check out Marj’s in-depth product reviews!


Paul Unating is one of the most sought-after professional makeup artists in the industry right now. His rise to fame is thanks partly to his popular transformation videos, where he shows his client going from barefaced to full-on glam. The pro-MUA has established his own signature soft dewy look characterized by glittery eyes, pinkish blush, and glossy pink-ombre lips so that it even became a makeup challenge on the app!


Local makeup companies are always nervous when Dexter is reviewing their products. This makeup junkie takes product reviews seriously and leaves nothing behind with his brutally honest and extensive run-downs of beauty products. So if you want to get “budoled” with some makeup purchases, you’d better check first if they have the Dexter Mongcal seal of approval.


If you want makeup tips and hacks from an expert, then go ahead and follow Miss Nate! The beauty influencer used to work as a professional makeup artist with a prestigious client roster, such as Shamcey Supsup and Dani Baretto. Miss Nate became known for imparting useful makeup tips and hacks, as well as sharing industry secrets that he learned from his work as a makeup artist.


You will never get bored watching this TikTok influencer. Her often viral videos are both makeup tutorials and entertainment in one. Fans love her for her kalog vibes. Don’t be fooled by her signature “galit” persona and loud voice, because it’s all just for fun!