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The Black Bean : A Relaxing Hidden Café In Busy Makati


The Black Bean : A Relaxing Hidden Café In Busy Makati

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Good day! Where’s your fave coffee? Well, I just found mine! So happy to be in this cozy and intimate café in the heart of busy Makati, THE BLACK BEAN!

As you enter the café, you will feel like you are in a cafe outside the country because of it’s sleek interiors but more than that, you will instantly smell the aroma of fresh coffee being brewed. Upon checking their menu, the dishes are quite simple but don’t get fooled because the dishes here are well-plated and are packs a flavorful punch.

Now, for my F.A.B. review!


The Black Bean has an array of drinks and dishes that are not only feast for the eyes but a feast for the palate. The dishes are simply well-plated and it seems like every component in the dish are well thought of, well, just look at my pictures and judge for yourself.

Death by Cheese Flatbread

If heaven is filled with honey and this flatbread, then it’s the perfect reason why we hear angels sing, no joke! Supeeeer sarap! This is made with 5 different cheeses (Gruyere, Bleu Cheese, Cheddar, Mozzarella, & Kesong Puti) that blend well together with the slightest pour of that honey, a sweet salty number that any cheese lover would love.

Beef Pares

Super tender braised beef stew that reminds you of how Filipino dishes are really deliciously comforting. The beef is partnered with a yummy garlic rice while you can control the amount of pares sauce since it is separated.

Red Egg Chili Pasta

How does one make a pasta that tastes red egg and chili in every bite? Well, they’ve exquisitely done it here and they’ve done it right! Nakaka-adik!

Burger Sliders

Sliders? These look like they are full-sized burgers. For the lovers of the seasonal Aloha Yumburger, well here’s the perfect burger for you. Tender, juicy, and made special with that pineapple slice.

Deep Dark Hot Chocolate

If you aren’t drooling yet from that photo, look again ’cause it’s made with dark Auro Chocolate, chocolate in every sip!

Bread Pudding Ala Mode

The warm bread pudding plus the cold creamy ice cream, ahhh total dessert heaven. Better eat this at once before it melts.

Coffee Temptations (Espresso-based dessert drinks)

Lazy Barista Iced Latte

A disguised brown sugat milktea or an iced coffee? Whatever it is, I love it!

Meringue Cappuccino

A pretty drink that deserves all the attention. Torched marshmallow serves as a sweet topping for this yummy drink. Poke a hole and drink it together with your cappuccino.

Hey Love! xx

That cream cheese will be my permanent moustache if you will! Iced black coffee with a sweet salty cream cheese foam on top, drink it as is or mix it, it really depends on you.


The Black Bean combines both industrial and rustic designs of low-key, subdued, earth-colored interiors that spell out hominess and make you just wanna sink in and respite.

I think they are inviting not only those who want to take some rest but also those who would like to work and rest at the same time because they have power outlets for your gadgets.

Have you seen my pictures? They also have one of the perfect natural lightings here for your photoshoots provided by their massive glass window.


The baristas are friendly and our orders came out on the expected time. This is an invite from the friendly restaurant owners, Christian Casino and Omu-Toledo Camus who were all smiles while explaining their café’s to us. We were also  introduced to their very creative chef, Chef Jessica Andrea Meyer who explained their lovely dishes. All of them made the experience light, informative and very enjoyable. Thank you!.

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Location: 2/F, Eton WestEnd Mall, Chino Roces corner Malugay and Yakal street, Makati City

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