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Should Brands Use Instagram-Like Aesthetics?


Should Brands Use Instagram-Like Aesthetics?


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Social media marketing has been a trend for quite a while already. It continuously grows as technology continues to innovate. Getting the best results while spending less has been its advantage ever since it started. With that, brands are starting to invest more in social media advertising and marketing.

With the variety of content that a user can post, Instagram has always been one of the most popular social media platforms aside from Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has developed the application and included an option where users can now upload the products that they sell and can direct them to your website or messages.

Through this, shopping has become easier for consumers, especially now that Instagram uses a visual-based strategy where a user should post a picture or video along with a caption.

Currently, many Instagram users are going for that aesthetic-minimalist feed that is seen to be aesthetically pleasing. This also suggests an impression that brands should also invest time in curating their feed, as this might be one of the reasons that consumers stay on a brand’s Instagram account. Through the feed, consumers may stimulate positive responses and eventually have an effective commitment to your brand.

Jonkoping University conducted a study entitled “Aesthetically Pleasing: A Qualitative Study Of Female Micro-Influencers Aesthetic Strategy For Their Instagram Feed” suggesting that having an aesthetically pleasing feed increases an account’s follower count as well as its engagement in likes.

These Instagram aesthetics may also encourage your customer’s purchase as your content has captured their attention, resulting in better sales for your brand.

Focusing on photos with similar styles, themes, color, lighting, etc. may be some of the things that may help you achieve that Instagram aesthetic that everyone has been aiming for. In the present scene, following the Instagram aesthetic trend can be a starting point for a brand.

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