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Rustan’s Makes The Impossible, HIMpossible

Rustan’s Makes The Impossible, HIMpossible

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Rustan’s collaborates with Chef Him Uy de Baron for tested and family approved recipes

With most of us staying at home, coming up with dishes for your daily meals can become a chore. Continuing to cater to the needs of all customers, Rustan’s allows everyone to Embrace Summer as their Home Department provides curated choices and fine experiences from store to home to help you make and serve a great feast for your family.

This year, Rustan’s collaborates with resident Restaurant Consultant of Rustan's East Café, Chef Him Uy de Baron, to help elevate your summer dining experience in the convenience and safety of your own homes. Embrace the sunny season and discover delicious, memorable recipes through Zoom-instructed sessions with HIMpossible Recipes Class which will run until the end of this year.

"Himpossible Recipes is a proud partner of Rustan's in bringing kitchen-tested family-approved recipes to as many homes as we could. We have worked with Rustan's Summer on Call to provide an even better service of making the home cook's life easier. Rustan's will take care of the participants hardware, whether these are electric appliances that will make cooking a lot more convenient or dinnerware to showcase the hard work they put in and present the food well," Chef Him Uy de Baron, Restaurant Consultant of Rustan's East Café.

Each class will have a unique theme that will require specific kitchen tools and equipment, which, if unavailable to you, can be found at Rustan’s. The recipes of dishes and an e-catalog of cooking tools and equipment will be sent to the participants prior to each session. Classes and its corresponding equipment can be ordered thru Rustan’s Summer on Call program, which allows one- on-one service with Rustan’s Personal Shoppers through call or messaging apps.

Worried about putting everything together for the class? Fret not as all the ingredients for each session will be sourced, portioned, and delivered right to your doorstep by Rustan’s. Bonus: The luxury department store will also give out special prizes to students during a Q&A portion of select Himpossible Recipes classes.

As a preview, Rustan’s and HIMpossible Recipes launched Izakaya Night with OTO last April 15, featuring cocktails by Elixir Emissary David Ong and David Abalayan, as well as nibbles by Him Uy De Baron. Some of the recipes during the class included cocktails like Smoke and Coffee (Scotch Whiskey, Whiskey Coffee, Vermouth, Honey) and Swing (Strawberry Gin, Sunflower Syrup, Lemon), and canapés that were paired with the drinks included Chopped Tuna Tataki with Shiso, Soy and Sesame, and Enoki wrapped in Bacon Glazed with Tare.

Sign Up NOW

Interested to join a class? Simply send a message to the HIMpossible Recipes Facebook or Instagram pages at with the following details: name, preferred class, delivery address, and contact number.

Once you have submitted the necessary information, wait for a Viber message from an administrator of Himpossible Recipes regarding confirmation and payment details. Once validated, you will be updated with the delivery schedule, while the Zoom link for your class will be sent two hours before the session.

To know more about the program, you may check the Highlights on HIMpossible Recipes’ Instagram Page under “How To Join”.

Options Aplenty

With classes that will run up till the end of the year, Rustan’s and Chef Him Uy de Baron will be offering a wide variety of classes that you can choose from. With a lot more happening for the remainder of the year, go ahead and try your hand at cooking by choosing from these themed classes:

● May: Mother’s Day and Stay Fit
● June: Father’s Day and Filipino (Independence Day)
● July: American (4th of July) and French (Bastille Day)
● August: Organic/Sustainable
● September: Grand Parent’s Day
● October: Oktoberfest
● November: Thanksgiving
● December: Holiday

Embrace Summer with Rustan’s by making your everyday at home more fun for you and your family; encouraging bonding moments, while allowing you to savour sumptuous dishes that are made from the heart.