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Relax and unwind with Glico’s Pejoy Belgian Chocolate Flavour and Vanilla Hokkaido Milk Flavour

Relax and unwind with Glico’s Pejoy Belgian Chocolate Flavour and Vanilla Hokkaido Milk Flavour

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Glico Philippines has launched two new premium flavors of Pejoy, namely Belgian Chocolate Flavour and Vanilla Hokkaido Milk Flavour. Pejoy, a well-loved confectionery from Glico, consists of a biscuit stick filled with a rich delicious cream filling. These two new premium Pejoy flavours offer a delightful option for individuals seeking moments of relaxation and indulgence throughout the day.

A rising star among Glico’s flagship premium products, Pejoy is a premium stick biscuit with a delicious creamy filling made only with the finest, imported ingredients. The new flavours of Pejoy are named after the choice ingredients that they are made of – rich Belgian Chocolate and smooth Vanilla Hokkaido Milk. These exciting new flavours are encased in Pejoy’s signature crispy biscuit sticks made from 100% imported wheat flour and baked at the right temperature to the ideal level of crispiness. They will indulge the discerning tastebuds of consumers and accentuate the Pejoy’s brand concept of “Relax and Unwind with Pejoy”.

Philippines is the second Southeast Asian country after Thailand that Glico is launching these new Pejoy flavours in. Subsequent launches have been planned for other Southeast Asian markets in the latter half of the year. Glico has appointed Kimberley Anne Woltemas as the presenter for Pejoy and she is being featured in a series of promotional materials that will be used throughout the region. Kim is an accomplished actress known for the many professional roles that she played in Thai dramas, which are popular in the region. Kim exemplifies the young, independent women of today who are striving to strike a fine balance amongst the many roles they play in today’s fast-faced world whether at work or in their personal lives. She inspires positivity even in the face of pressures at work and at home. Kim, who held her first fan meeting in Metro Manila, the Philippines, in March this year, has fan followings across the Southeast Asian region.

Mr. Miki Takashi, Country Head & Marketing Head, Glico Philippines, said, “We are excited to introduce Pejoy Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla Hokkaido Milk to consumers in the Philippines. At Glico, we firmly believe in the importance of self-care and overall wellbeing – physical, social, and emotional. As a company with a mission to deliver good health and great taste to support the wellbeing of the societies we operate in, we aspire to help people discover ways to relax and unwind during a busy day. While there are many ways to rejuvenate and refresh throughout the day, we hope that Pejoy and all of Glico’s product will come to mind when they are looking for a quality snack to mindfully indulge in.”

Pejoy Belgian Chocolate and Vanilla Hokkaido Milk are now available in convenience stores, major supermarkets, and E commerce stores. Come discover how you can #RelaxWithPejoy by following this hashtag on social media.