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Ramen Nagi Philippines Introduces Series 5 Limited King Ramen: Iekei-Style Pork Bone Ramen by Musashi-Ya


Ramen Nagi Philippines Introduces Series 5 Limited King Ramen: Iekei-Style Pork Bone Ramen by Musashi-Ya

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A continuation of its 10-year anniversary celebration, Ramen Nagi is launching Series 5 showcasing a mouthwatering collaboration with the critically-acclaimed Musashi-Ya from Japan. Headed by Chef Fujisaki, Musashi-ya first came to rise in Kichijoji, Japan, and has since grown to ten additional stores, four of which are located in Tokyo and one in Shanghai, China. Currently at 25 years, Musashi-ya stands as a major player in the Japanese ramen world, participating in ramen events throughout Japan. What sets it apart is its particular focus on ingredients, while maintaining clean and delightful ramen experiences for its loyal fanbase.

This January, Ramen Nagi is bringing Musashi-ya’s famous Iekei-Style Pork Bone Ramen to Filipinos! For a limited period, Pinoys can get their hands on a light and savory experience that bursts addictive flavor. What makes it stand out is the expertise applied in cooking; in fact, Yokohama Ihekei-style ramen is a major genre of ramen in Japan that requires exquisite skill. Musashi-ya’s Pork Bone Ramen achieves its distinct flavor by using pork meat and bones in their purest forms; then large amounts of pork offal are cooked over high-flame without stopping. Furthering the gastronomic adventure, the Pork Bone Ramen features aromatic pork broth, as well as textural additions like thickly sliced chashu pork, spinach, and nori.

The Pork Bone Ramen, in its core, is a love letter to skill in cooking and mastery of ingredients, with every slurp, a perfect moment. For the complete experience, enjoy the Pork Bone Ramen with a bowl of hot rice on the side.

Don’t miss out on Chef Fujisak-san’s kitchen takeover at Ramen Nagi Greenbelt 3 from January 18 to 19! Serving only 150 bowls of Iekei-Style Pork Bone Ramen per day, hurry and save your seat to be one of the first to experience a delicious feast unlike any other! After the takeover, the delectable Iekei-Style Pork Bone Ramen will be available in all Ramen Nagi branches nationwide starting from January 22 to February 28.

10 Years of Great Ramen

Ramen Nagi continues to be a favorite destination among ramen lovers in the Philippines. Celebrating a decade in the industry, Ramen Nagi Philippines marks this significant milestone with a commitment to innovation, an unwavering exploration of diverse flavors, and the seamless integration of cultural influences.

The 10th year anniversary celebration gathered many of Japan’s notable restaurants and chefs that provide nothing but the best in ramen culinary. 

Series 1 headlined Ramen No. 11 headed by Chef Masa-san. The limited-edition ramen was crafted with homemade noodles layered generously with cabbage, bean sprouts, quail eggs, garlic, and Buta. The piece de resistance is the unmistakable “Naruto” topping, a hallmark of Ramen No. 11’s distinct flavour.

Series 2 featured a kitchen takeover by ANTCICADA headed by visionary Chef Yuta, who brings a unique blend of innovation, flavor, and tradition to the culinary landscape. His signature creation, the “Cricket Ramen,” shatters traditional boundaries by introducing crickets as a central ingredient.

Series 3 starred INOSHO headed by Chef Nakamura-san, whose robust broths has garnered much acclaim. The collaboration introduced two Limited King bowls. First is the Tsukemen, which is drizzled with pork bones, backbones, pigs’ feet, pork and chicken skin, all submerged in sensational tsuke sauce (super soup). Second is the Spicy Hot Fish Ramen, a fiery sensation that boasts a stunning ‘red mountain’ of spice at its heart, with medium-thick noodles and rich pork bone seafood soup.

Series 4 delivered a grand experience with Ramen Nagi founder Satoshi Ikuta’s jaw-dropping creation: the Wagyu King. Prepared with fresh Wagyu flown directly from Miyagi Prefecture in Eastern Japan, the dish boasts authentic Japanese flavor with tender melt-in-your-mouth beef, complimented by a full-bodied broth, green onions, bamboo shoots, and enoki mushrooms.

With Series 5 now available nationwide on January 22 showcasing Musashi-ya’s Iekei-Style Pork Bone Ramen, a creation by Chef Fujisaki, Ramen Nagi Philippines expands its remarkable journey in making exceptional Japanese ramen within reach among Filipinos.

In the last decade, Ramen Nagi has proudly served more than 10 million bowls of ramen across its 37 branches throughout Metro Manila and Luzon. Anticipating further growth, the growing ramen chain is expanding its presence to Visayas and Mindanao in the near future.

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