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Preventing kidney diseases by making heartful choices

Preventing kidney diseases by making heartful choices

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It is true what they say we are what we eat. Food is not just fuel that sustains our bodies but also becomes fragments of our cells that affect how we do, think, and feel. Most of the time when people notice slight changes in their physical appearance, their immediate response is to look for commercialized products that will give them the best results. However, rarely do people realize that changes in the physical body can sometimes be a manifestation of what goes on inside our vital organs.

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One of the leading causes of disability in the Philippines is chronic kidney disease (CKD). In fact, the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) estimates that one Filipino gets diagnosed with it every hour. (Source: Kidney Health Plus)

The kidneys are one of the hardest-working organs in the body, where millions of filters work together to turn excess waste into urine. A person with CKD may experience warning signs like low urine output, swollen lower extremities, and extreme fatigue, as waste builds up in the body.

In celebration of the National Kidney Month last June, pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim (Philippines), Inc. champions the health of Filipinos by giving them access to information that promotes kidney health. CKD, as described by the company, is known as a “silent killer”. Many of its symptoms might not show up until the later stages of the condition, causing people to go about their lives undiagnosed and oblivious to further complications.

Boehringer Ingelheim makes a significant contribution to public health by reinforcing the need for prevention and early detection. One way to allow better management is to do regular routine health checks. The attending physician may order a few kidney function tests in ways of blood work procedures and urinalysis to gauge how efficiently your kidneys are working.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is also key to combating CKD. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 150 minutes of physical activity per week is enough to help keep adult bodies healthy. On top of this, following a diet specific to one’s needs can also be an effective way to prevent CKD.

Limiting sodium intake can help manage conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, which in turn can support kidney health. Choosing food close to nature like fruits, leafy vegetables, whole grains, and the like, can be the first step toward reversing CKD symptoms.

Making conscious decisions in our everyday lives can lead us to reach our potential. When our bodies are healthy and our well-being is assured, our power comes from within knowing we can live life to the fullest.

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