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Philip Stein and Teresa Herrera treat guests to a time for wellness


Philip Stein and Teresa Herrera treat guests to a time for wellness

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Many of us may be familiar with the concept of tuning instruments, but have you considered tuning yourself to the world around you and help cope with stress and anxiety? Philip Stein invited a number of VIPs and media guests to an intimate wellness weekend that featured a workshop and talk with yogi, wellness advocate and founder of the Global Mala Project in the Philippines, Teresa Herrera.

Yogi and wellness advocate Teresa Herrera led Philip Stein guests through aligning to the “love frequency” to improve mind, body, and spirit.

Just #InTimeForWellness, the weekend workshop at the Philip Stein Wellness Cube in Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk presented a relaxing day for attendees with a comfy and casual set up, some delicious, healthy food and beverages, and a new, valuable way to help improve our overall well-being.

Just #InTimeForWellness, Philip Stein invited guests to an intimate weekend workshop to boost their well-being.
Simple meditation exercises, a comfy setting and some good, healthy food made for a relaxing weekend workshop.

Teresa introduced guests to aligning one’s frequency to 528hz or the “love frequency”, which positively impacts the mind, body and spirit and can help reduce stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. Aside from the multihyphenate leading attendees through simple meditation exercises with a single tone love tuner, Teresa also talked about Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology. She was of course wearing her own Philip Stein as she explained how the technology is embedded in its watches and resonates with the body to strengthen our bio magnetic field to reduce stress, improve sleep and boost energy in humans.

Teresa talked about Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology that resonates with the body to strengthen its bio magnetic field to help reduce stress and improve sleep.

All in all, the #PhilipSteinWellnessDay imparted the significance of aligning one’s frequency towards mindfulness and its wonderful benefits for our wellness.

The new Philip Stein Evolution Collection has its Natural Frequency Technology so you can wear your wellness

Visit the Philip Stein Wellness Cube at Greenbelt 5 Fashion Walk until March 31. Learn more about the new Evolution watch collection and its style and wellness benefits by following Philip Stein on Facebook and Instagram, and logging on to