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OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 Finals Wrap Up, Empowering Global Developers with Upgraded Pantanal Platform

OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 Finals Wrap Up, Empowering Global Developers with Upgraded Pantanal Platform

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OPPO announced the top three winning teams of OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 following the demonstration of the final ten teams’ work at the Final Event in Kuala Lumpur.  

OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 Final Demo Event 

“We are extremely grateful for the support from global developers who have come with us on this journey. The intelligent products and experiences we’ve brought to users so far are just a starting point.” said Nicole Zhang, General Manager of Software Innovation Center, OPPO. ” We are now looking ahead to what comes next—working closely with global developers all over the world to create services that understand users even more deeply, and respond to their needs more intelligently.”

Nicole Zhang, General Manager of Software Innovation Center, OPPO

Innovations in Development and Improved Efficiency with Pantanal Developer Services 

Since 2021, OPPO has held the ColorOSHack competition annually. This year’s competition centered on the theme “Pantanal Service: Empowering Lives with Intelligence” and focused on the Asia-Pacific region, with an emphasis on three key scenarios: daily life, transportation, and entertainment. Participants were encouraged to learn the ropes of the Pantanal Platform, develop smart services catering to one of the three scenarios, and conceptualize scenarios and design forms of interaction so as to help explore a new service format for the Asia-Pacific market. Since the kick-off in July, the entire competition lasted over 150 days, attracting more than 200 participants from over 50 countries and regions around the world.

OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 attracted more than 200 participants from over 50 countries

Pantanal Platform‘s capabilities, including Aqua Dynamics, firstly introduced in ColorOS 14, provide a framework in which a service is developed based a single template and then automatically adapted for compatibility with phones, tablets, earbuds, and automotive head units, as well as different access points, such as widgets, the cover screen on a flip phone, and more. These new tools can further boost the development efficiency for developers. OPPO now provides video tutorials, written guides, and codelabs documentation, as well as a Pantanal IDE and Pantanal development framework, as part of a comprehensive suite of resources intended to help developers get to grips with Pantanal.

Increasing Strength of Global Innovation Fuels Steady Eco-System Expansion

OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 focused on three core scenarios, and was supplemented by a suite of newly upgraded developer services. Many excellent works emerged, of which ten were selected for the finals. The team creations addressed scenarios including navigation, payment, social interaction, study, health, 

and more. The final round lasted over three hours. A jury composed of OPPO experts and industry experts from the Asia-Pacific region evaluated the team’s work in terms of app prospects and innovation, and selected the top three winning teams. Each of the three will receive cash prizes to be put toward the incubation and implementation of their products.

“NavOpp”, a transportation and payment project by the Malaysian team End2End, earned unanimous approval from the judges and won first place. The project is an app that provides cross-device support for transportation and payment services. Relying on Pantanal’s context-detection capabilities, the app enables the seamless flow of information and services, reducing steps and saving time on daily commutes and business trips, and making ubiquitous services more scalable.

OPPO ColorOSHack 2023 Platinum Award – NavOpp by End2End

Through this year’s ColorOSHack, OPPO connected developers on a global scale. Pantanal Developer Services lightened the workload of developers, abstracting away the need to understand the complex underlying hardware of different devices. Based on the open capabilities of the Pantanal Platform, OPPO ColorOS will continue to provide developers with a foundation on which to innovate and a communication platform through which they can showcase their creations, bringing developers, entrepreneurs, and startups together to develop and implement innovative solutions, and bring a smarter life to 600 million ColorOS users.