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OMEGA products offer modern solutions for your modern home

OMEGA products offer modern solutions for your modern home

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Home is what you make of it – and Filipino houseware brand Omega makes sure that you have the best Modern Everyday Solutions that will truly make your house a home.
Starting out primarily as a company that imports vacuum flasks in 1958 in Binondo, Manila, this Filipino company has developed the best vacuum flasks in the industry. Committed to delivering only quality products, Omega grows it product line beyond their first offering of vacuum flasks, into what is now in the market as Omega – offering an array products in each category : Drinkware, Glassware, Kitchenware and Tableware.

Named after the Latin term for “last” – denoting the finest or the best, Omega has proven its place in every Filipino household as a trusted brand in houseware through the years.

Omega products promise to provide Modern Everyday Solutions through their wide variety of stylish, quality and innovative products. Available in malls, department stores and supermarkets nationwide, it’s without a doubt that Omega has found its way into your home, with its top-of-the-line drinkware, glassware, kitchenware, and tableware – all crafted in the finest materials:
Stainless Steel
Rust-resistant and highly durable, Omega produces a wide range of stainless steel products, from cookware, utensils, containers and keepers. At the heart of Omega’s stainless steel offerings is their temperature-retentive vacuum flask technology, seen in their signature thermal tumblers and carafes.

BPA-Free Plastic
The perfect handy material, plastic is used by Omega in its production of water bottles that are safe for use. Its Tritan water bottles in particular BPA-free, dishwasher safe, odor resistant, shatter proof, scratch resistant and stain resistant.

Omega’s earthenware pieces, made of quality ceramic, offer both sleek aesthetics and functionality. Omega’s Ceramic pieces come in various collections, with Earthenware, Stoneware, Porcelain and Newbone as key materials used in serving ware and tea sets, plates, bakeware, and casseroles.

Nothing brings more elegance into each home than prized glassware. Omega’s premium glassware-made with tempered glass, boroscilate glass and opal glass – are microwave-safe, oven-safe, and chich enough to bring from the oven straight to the table. Omega’s cooking vessels, glass jars, French press and food storage pieces are shocl and scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe, as well as environmentally friendly.

With their wide range of carefully crafted and selected quality and innovative pieces, Omega is your go-to houseware brand perfect for the modern Filipino home.
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