Saturday, March 2, 2024

FantaSTEAK cravings satisfied with the NEW Zark's Burgers' Signature Burger Steak!


FantaSTEAK cravings satisfied with the NEW Zark's Burgers' Signature Burger Steak!

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Zark’s Burgers, the No.1 Casual dining burger joint in the Philippines is excited to launch its own take on one of the Filipino’s Favorite comfort food… the Burger Steak!

Meet the man of the hour, Mr. Victor “Zark” Varona himself

We were able to meet the owner and the brains behind the famous local burger chain, Viktor “Zark” Espina Varona, a 31-year-old young entrepreneur who has now 60 Zark’s Burger branches nationwide. He was just a simple guy who was very proud of his team for launching another new product, the Signature Burger Steak, that the regular patrons of Zark’s Burgers will surely love.
The traditional classic burger steak made with beef patty and topped with gravy is now getting a fresh, huge, great twist with Zark’s Burgers. Zark’s Burger’s famous burger patties, served over a yummy garlic rice and topped with three signature, flavorful sauce: Garlic Mushroom, Chipotle BBQ, and Asian Curry.

Garlic Mushroom – An all-time favorite classic. A hefty serving of gravy alongside fried garlic bits and grilled mushrooms! You cannot  definitely go wrong with this classic flavor!

Chipotle BBQ – Their take on the classic Texas BBQ, just the right amount of sweet, tangy and spicy flavors to round-up your day!

Asian Curry – Their houseblend Japanese curry sauced mixed together with fresh vegetables, sure to wake up the foodie in you!

Garlic Mushroom
For those who like it on the savory and classic side, a steamy and succulent burger steak drenched in a savoury and creamy mushroom sauce topped with garlic, mushroom and pepper.
Chipotle BBQ
For those who would love something on the sweet-spicy and smokey side, a freshly ground burger steak smothered with spicy and sweet barbecue sauce, topped with corn kernels.
Asian Curry
For those who love that exotic earthy flavor, a deliciously satisfying burger steak packed full of curry, pepper, and spices topped with carrots and potato.
Aside from the launch of Zark’s Burgers New Signature Burger Steak, they have also launched Zark’s Radio. A lineup of House, Club, Electro, 80’s, 90’s music by non-other than 89.9 Magic FM’s Wonderboy DJ, Migs Santillan filling the airwaves at all Zark’s Burgers branches.
Well, Zark’s Burgers did it again! As I am a rice lover myself, I am very much happy that the Signature Burger Steaks, complete with a yummy garlic rice, has been added to it’s already famous and juicy line up of burgers. Now, burger lovers, rice lovers and music lovers alike will now have more than enough reason to come back to Zark’s Burgers again and again and again to have that fantaSTEAK cravings totally satisfied!
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