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New Japanese Menu at Spice Café, City Garden Grand Hotel Makati


New Japanese Menu at Spice Café, City Garden Grand Hotel Makati

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Konnichiwa all you Japanese food lovers! Last October, City Garden Grand Hotel’s Spice Café launched new and exciting dishes on their menu that brought us one authentic Asian dining experience. The Spice Café introduced to us their new Japanese Ala Carte menu served all-day at the Spice Café.
City Garden Grand Hotel’s Chef Dennis Tuazon was delighted to have prepared for us dishes from their all-new Japanese Ala Carte Menu. The new menu is a fresh take on Japan’s most beloved dishes and delicacies. With Chef Tuazon and the hotel, they assure the foreign and domestic travellers of an authentic taste and top-level quality of the Japanese food.
Sous Chef Dennis Tuazon’s and his chefs prepared demonstrations on some of the dishes in their new Japanese menu.
First was the maki, which is usually a sushi with vegetables or fruits and wrapped in seaweed sheet then rolled with Japanese rice. There are so many variations available in their menu but we were treated to Unagi Maki, Crazy Maki and their Tempura Maki.

Next demonstration was for a homemade Chicken Gyoza Soba Noodle Soup. It is nice to know that Spice Café makes both their gyoza and soba noodles are freshly made in their kitchen and that what makes their noodle soup sumptuous.

Another demonstration was for one of my favorite japanese noodle dishes, the yakisoba!

The last demonstration was for the Tori Chahan Fried Rice over the Teppanyaki hot plate but was the most exciting part was that the chef showed off some skills by juggling the utensils, throwing them in the air and then catching them again but sorry I had no pictures only a video of his amazing show.

After the demonstrations we were served some of the other delectable dishes on the Japanese menu:
IMG_8501 2.JPG
IMG_8547 2.JPG
The Japanese offer of Spice Café also comes with set meals of Tempura, Katsu, and Teriyaki. All set meals are composed of Miso soup, Japanese Rice, and Stir Fried Vegetables so come and visit them now.
Spice Café’s Japanese Ala Carte is available from Monday to Saturday, 11:30AM – 10:00PM and on Sundays from 11:30NN to 4:00PM. Visit and taste these special dining offers only at Spice Café, located at the 7th floor of the City Garden Grand Hotel. For inquiries, please call (632) 554 – 3428.