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Washoku Musashi-Maru : Authentic Japanese at the Top Of The Glo

Washoku Musashi-Maru : Authentic Japanese at the Top Of The Glo

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I super love Japanese food and it was rather timely that there is a new Japanese Town at the 4th Level of Glorietta 1 which is called Top Of The Glo (Glo, a slur for Glorietta) and a lot of new stores opened there, Washoku Musashi-Maru is one that caught my eye.

Just a little background. Washoku is written in kanji characters with the first character (wa) means Japan or Japanese and it also represents harmony, while the second character (shoku) means food or to eat. These are the traditional dishes that have been passed on from different generations and the main part of it is a simple preparation of rice and side dishes made with a variety of seasonal ingredients.

They pride themselves with their fresh sashimi, yummy katsu and their flavorful ramen.

And now for our F.A.B. review!

Their ingredients are flown in from Japan as they want customers to feel the authenticity of their food. They even have a Japanese chef to make the dishes as close to the dishes that are served in Japan.

Ippon Anago Nigiri

One whole Conger eel (a type of scaleless eel sushi). This is an aquired taste but the sweet sauce makes it pleasant to the taste.

Teppan Miso Katsu Roast Lunch

A lunch set of Pork Loin, rice, tonjiru soup and pickles. I love this because the pork was tender and cooked perfectly.

Ebiten Nigiri

This is a Shrimp Tempura Sushi that was really an eye-candy because the tiger prawns where cooked perfectly with just the right amount of batter. The presentation was lovely since the tempura was sitted on a small piece of rice on top of a blue eye-catching plate with the sauces made like tiger stripes.

Salmon Sashimi

I am always a sucker for Salmon Sashimi! Love this since it tasted fresh and the serving size is a mouthful.

Maguro Sashimi

The Tuna Sashimi was fresh and also a mouthful.

Kanpachi Sashimi

This is a sashimi of Greater Amberjack (an Atlantic and Pacific fish), I am not sure if this is also called the yellowtail but I prefer my salmon sashimi.

Yaki Gyoza 10pcs.

Who wouldn’t love this flavorful potstickers? The Grilled Japanese dumplings are yummy and a perfect pair to the tasty ramen that they offer.

Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen

Ramen in pork based-soup with soy sauce flavor. I love how there ar big pieces of chasiu and the broth is just perfect.

Ebi-Tonkotsu Ramen

Seafood Ramen in pork-based soup. I am not a fan of this since the soup tastes “malangsa”, duh it is seafood, but I would love to have it spicier?

Long Long Weiner

A 60cm long yummy, winner weiner. The server told us that this is a conversation starter since this weiner is used for a rather naughty and funny game among Japanese friends. For the men, they should cut the weiner at about the same length as their (you know) private body part. For the women, they should cut the weiner at the length that they would fantasize about.


A dessert of mochi with a sweet soup-like syrup with Azuki beans. I am not a fan of azuki beans but I love the mochi!

Chocolate Ice Cream

I always wanna eat chocolate in ice cream and I was not dissapponted with this one.

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Their ice cream really do taste great in here, it would be ridiculous if you don’t order these.

Almond Jelly

A simple dessert that hits home every time.


The place is reminiscent of the Japanese shops I have visited in Japan with the white cloth hanging from the booth tables for a little privacy and the light wood used in the furnishings giving it the clean feels. It was modernized with an automated sushi train where your little plates for your sushi and sasbimi are brought to your tables directly from the chef.


You would feel the intention of the restaurant to keep it authentic since most of the servers know basic Nihongo because they were trainined in Japan. The servers know the food and some stories behind them as they gladly provided our food and our requests.

For more information on Washoku Musashi Maru, follow them on their social media sites:

Musashi Maru Restaurant


408-409, Roofdeck 2, Japan Town, Top of the Glo, Glorietta 2, Makati City

02-583-7060 or 0945-327-1981

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