Tuesday, July 23, 2024

MEET SigeGo: The OmniChannel Travel and Lifestyle Platform

MEET SigeGo: The OmniChannel Travel and Lifestyle Platform

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Consumers today demand convenience and best-in-class digital experiences from all the apps they use, so it is no wonder brands are increasingly looking to adopt a platform mindset to how they interact and service their customers. 

This change is exactly what the SigeGo team had in mind with their new lifestyle platform: “SigeGo is poised to be the super omnichannel platform of the Philippines. Powered by the technology of Simplenight, it allows anyone to book an experience in a matter of clicks and swipes in a way the country has never seen before,” said David Palmieri, President and CEO of SigeGo and acting Chief Commercial Officer of Simplenight. “We envisioned an omnichannel platform that will be every Filipino’s go-to for everything and anything under the sun with its impeccable user experience, wide breadth of bookable products and services, and proud Filipino roots.” 

After its full launch in October, Filipinos can begin seamlessly booking flights, accommodations, tours and activities, appointments, dinner reservations and more via the SigeGo platform. Users can tick off a plethora of items; from cultural hotspots and outdoor activities within the Philippines to popular destinations outside the country like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and beyond. “Whether it’s your bucket list or your to-do list, SigeGo makes it easy for you to find, book, and just go,” Mr. Palmieri affirmed.

SigeGo had its debut event at the Revel at the Palace in BGC. The occasion was hosted by car aficionado James Deakin with entertainment from DJ Ace Ramos and Ronnie Orallo, and was well-attended by prominent figures from both the public and private sectors as well as suppliers that distribute their services through SigeGo. “The night was about getting everyone together to introduce SigeGo and give people a taste of how big this thing will get and just how much of an impact it will have,” Palmieri remarked. “Guests in attendance gained access to the Beta version of the platform, where they could be a part of the initial Beta soft launch so that the Filipinos can help take us through the last mile, give us their feedback, and truly make it their own.”


The SigeGo app will be downloadable from both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play in October. 


For more information on SigeGo, visit https://sigego.ph/ or email info@sigego.co.