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Max’s Restaurant Brings Back the Harana Tradition this February


Max’s Restaurant Brings Back the Harana Tradition this February

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Max’s Restaurant, the Filipino restaurant chain known for its Sarap-To-The-Bones® Fried Chicken and classic Filipino dishes, is bringing back the time-honored tradition of harana, or serenading loved ones, this whole February.

Aside from the usual delivery experience, Max’s takes it up a notch to celebrate the love month with a Valentine package that include not only its hearty signature dishes and a limited-edition Floral Bouquet Mini Cake created just for the season, but a personalized harana as well. In this digital age where people are used to expressing their feelings using today’s technology, it allows customers to look back and relive the old but sweet way of showing someone you care.

This time, Max’s will be letting patrons experience the tradition while keeping it unique, modern, and convenient. This is made possible through a partnership with Good Banda, a group of displaced musicians turned delivery-couriers designed to deliver not just food or parcels, but serenade customers at the same time across Metro Manila.

The Valentine package includes a single order of Max’s Fried Chicken, Sizzling Tofu, Chicken Pancit Canton, a Floral Bouquet Mini Cake, and a harana by Good Banda priced at only Php 2,100. Customers just need to order online at delivery.maxschicken.com and pick a preferred schedule.

Live harana is available in Metro Manila, while provincial orders will have an option for a pre-recorded song to be sent to their chosen loved one. To avoid the rush, orders may be placed 5 days in advance. Delivery of Valentine package orders is from February 11-28. A food-and-cake-only package without a harana may also be availed for just Php 1,599.

On top of this offer, Max’s is giving away 50 free Valentine packages to its lucky fans. Customers just need to post a photo online and share their Valentine’s Day experience at Max’s. To qualify, photos must be visible to the public with the #MaxsSweetValentineSerenade hashtag.

Participants must also like and tag the Max’s official Facebook page. Last day of submission of entries is on February 7.

For further information, visit www.facebook.com/maxsrestaurant.