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From Sarap-To-The-Bones to Sarap-In-A-Bun : Savor Max’s All-Time Favorite Chicken, Now In A Sandwich

From Sarap-To-The-Bones to Sarap-In-A-Bun : Savor Max’s All-Time Favorite Chicken, Now In A Sandwich

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Max’s Restaurant has done it again with a classic reinvention of its all-time favorite Sarap-To-The-Bones fried chicken: introducing Max’s Fried Chicken Sandwich!

The classic Max’s fried chicken is undoubtedly well-loved by Filipinos across all generations. Although, not a lot of people know that the truly original way that this Filipino classic was first consumed all the way back in 1945 was with fresh, hot rolls on the side. As a throwback to its roots, you can now treat your taste buds to a Sarap-In-A-Bun chicken sandwich.

What’s inside? A filleted version of Max’s iconic juicy, no-frills fried chicken seasoned and spiced the signature Max’s way. Now, it wouldn’t be a true Max’s experience without the trademark blend of banana ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, and that’s what’s drizzled over the chicken meat to add tang. Pickled cucumbers and shredded cabbage are then generously spread from top to bottom in between two buttery brioche buns to complete this flavorful and filling experience.

“Creatively re-engineering our Sarap-To-The-Bones fried chicken to a sandwich puts us forward in providing our customers with more delightful ways to feast over classic local dishes that have stood the test of time,” says Max’s Restaurant Head Culinary R&D Chef Adrian Azurin. “It’s Sarap-In-A-Bun, literally, with our hero fried chicken, now in a format that’s perfect for today’s adventurous, mobile consumers. We specially curated the blend of banana ketchup and Worcestershire sauce to stay true to the authentic Max’s experience. The pickled cucumbers are not something usually associated with our fried chicken, but we love how their tartness makes each bit surprisingly fresh and zesty.”

With the new Max’s fried chicken sandwich, you’ll be surprised by just how filling one bite can be. It’s also served with a side of Max’s sweet potato fries and a garlic mayo dip, making it even more satisfying for every diner’s appetites.

“Just one plate is an explosion of flavors. We’re proud to turn an everyday snack into every diner’s main course with the perfect meat-to-bun ratio, and toppings and condiments that make the whole dish shine,” adds Chef Adrian.

For 75 years, Max’s has continuously catered to the changing appetites of its diners with its product innovations, while also staying true to its culinary heritage built on Filipino values.

“Since 1945, Max’s has become the tradition and institution that it’s known to be now because of our founders Maximo Gimenez and Ruby Trota’s humble beginnings of befriending American occupation troops stationed in Quezon City and serving our Sarap-To-The-Bones fried chicken with hot, fresh dinner rolls,” says Max’s Restaurant Marketing Director Mark De Joya. “Our new fried chicken sandwich is a loving, respectful tribute to that. We believe this demonstrates the ability of our brand to balance both its history and heritage with new formats, flavors, and experiences that make Max’s forever relevant across generations.”

Indeed, everyone will come running to their nearest store and savor a massive bite of Max’s Fried Chicken Sandwich, available starting March 9 for only PHP249.

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