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Love Takes Time: These Senior Citizens Get Married After 6 Decades Of No Communication


Love Takes Time: These Senior Citizens Get Married After 6 Decades Of No Communication


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Netizens felt the ‘kilig’ after a local wedding organizer revealed one of their clients’ love stories of getting married, even though they have had no communication for over six decades.

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok that was reacted to by many because of its heartwarming story of two senior citizens who got married after having their last interaction back when they were in preschool.

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Named Boy and Amy in an interview with a local media network, the couple shared that they began to interact again through social media, where they talked almost every day to get in touch with each other.

According to Boy, Amy was his childhood crush, and Boy was Amy’s first boyfriend and husband over her almost 70 years of existence.

“I realize that there’s nothing really wrong with marrying late as long as you love each other passionately and you have nothing else to do in your life but to be with each other forever until you die. It sounds cliche to read, but it is true. A salute to those who break the norms,” a netizen commented on the viral TikTok video.

Based on an interview, Boy disclosed that she fell in love with Amy because he admired her sweetness not only for himself but also for his family, which is why he had the urge to marry her even at their age.

Boy also disclosed that he was based abroad but he flew right away to the Philippines just to see Amy, showing how love really takes time.

Amy, on the other hand, admitted to having no plans of marrying at her age, but seeing Boy again after six decades changed her perspective, noting that he really showed how much he loved her despite not having had interaction for a long time.

With this inspiring love story from Boy and Amy, many have appreciated their time spent waiting for someone to fall in love because, just like their story, love will always take time and find a way if it is for you.

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