Monday, February 26, 2024

LOST MARY brings MO10000 to the Philippines


LOST MARY brings MO10000 to the Philippines

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Global vaping innovator LOST MARY brings its ultra-big puff vape MO10000 to the Philippines, a move that marks the brand’s steady step into this priority market.

LOST MARY MO10000 is sport by latest atomizing solution, delivers ultra-big number of puffs, and offers a wide range of well-tuned flavors, in a concerted effort to deliver a truly satisfying vaping experience.

Mesh Coil guarantees pleasant vaping experience

Powered by Mesh Coil technology, MO10000 ensures unparalleled stability and reliability in flavor reproduction, delivering a consistent and long-lasting pleasure from the first puff till the very last. Additionally, Mesh Coil enables MO10000 to achieve finer atomization, resulting in thicker and smoother vapor in an immersive vaping journey.

Shimmering ripples in hand

Viewed from various angles, MO10000 features a glossy and shimmering ripple design, combined with nanoscale optical coatings underlie a finish, adding a sense of unique to its overall style.

Display for timely status check

Along with the exquisite design, MO10000 is also equipped with a real-time power and e-liquid display, providing users with instant updates on battery and e-liquid level, and allowing users to plan ahead for unforeseen circumstances via a quick glance.

Wide flavor selections

MO10000 provides a selection of 16 flavors with elegant design in distinct vivid colors, to cater to diverse needs from both visual and mouthfeel perspectives and offer a pleasant vaping experience.

LOST MARY’s journey

LOST MARY was founded in 2021. The brand aims to break from the traditional product forms and provide an extraordinary vaping experience, to cater to the changing preferences of adult users.

LOST MARY started its journey in the United Kingdom, where it quickly scaled up. To date, LOST MARY has expanded its presence to over 50 global markets.

With the arrival in the Philippines, a key market in its global expansion, the brand seeks to bring the best possible products while staying compliant with local regulations.