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Local YouTube Channels For Your Dose Of Learning And Productivity


Local YouTube Channels For Your Dose Of Learning And Productivity


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With the ever-evolving and influencing social media landscape, things have become quite easy and accessible to everyone who wants to learn or get entertained. People use different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, so people can both engage with anyone and share anything. While these social media giants have different approaches to communicating with their audience, nothing can surpass the level of convenience YouTube has brought to everyone.

YouTube is a free-video sharing website, where you can watch or upload contents you want is much more than just a place to humor videos for a good laugh or binge-watch clips from the episodes of the drama you missed. The 17-year-old online website that offers user-generated content has also given a platform to billions of people to teach and to learn—different creators of different ages serving unique and different information that is worthy of your screen time.

While YouTube is a great place to have fun, it is also a site to learn from and get inspired by the wealth of talented and inspiring creators that surely brings you content for a driven life. Below, you will find lists of motivational YouTubers that help put your life in order.


Joyce Pring

123K subscribers

We always know that we learn the most from those with first-hand experience. This is how Joyce Pring, a mom, TV presenter, podcast host, keynote speaker, and World Vision Ambassador, uses her platform to teach and motivate everyone to learn and fulfill their purpose in life.

The award-winning host often talks about her, being ‘passionate about introducing purposeful living and helping people maximize their individual potential for the greater good. She makes sure her YouTube channel will be able to correlate with anyone of any age as she discusses with her guests the best ways to learn how to grow as an individual, in marriage, in family, and in the community.


Business Franchise Guru

1.88K subscribers

Do you want to franchise a business? Or to have your own business? Never miss the chance to learn with the Philippines’ ‘Business Franchise Guru’ Armando “Butz” Bartolome who gives fruitful franchising inspirational stories with his expert fellow guru guests.

Business Franchise Guru’s YouTube channel has been running for years and never fails to give its viewers encouraging messages and business lessons that Bartolome has been sharing from his more than 20 years of experience in business and franchise consulting. BFG is an empowering channel that continuously empowers Filipinos who aspire to invest and explore the world of franchising.


Oliver Austria

2.35M subscribers

Remember the quarantine days when we had nowhere to go but social media? Gone is the life outside we used to enjoy because of the pandemic. It was when Llyan Oliver Austria appeared on the scene, teaching and entertaining us with his YouTube videos. But more than his funny facial expressions, reactions, and punchlines, Oliver Austria’s YouTube channel is actually full of educational stints, not just for aspiring architects like him but for everyone who wishes to be wise in planning for their dream home. On the other hand, Oliver also has an account teaching people to learn skills in using the computer and its features that are commonly used in this digital age.


Art of John Magne Lisondra

749K subscribers

“I wish I knew even a little about art” or “If I learned art when I was young, maybe I could have had something unique today.”

Sometimes, we have to ask ourselves what could make us live a positively driven life. Was it having the means to go wherever you wanted to go or having the ability to do whatever you wanted to do? A driven life might be composed of these factors, but being driven sometimes doesn’t necessarily exhaust our bodies—learning new things that give us a sense of satisfaction is also a great start to navigating our lives.

On the ‘Art of John Magne Lisondra’ Youtube channel, you can learn to do something new, from basic to a more advanced and realistic form of art painting! John Magne offers free video tutorials that have been a great help to anyone who wants to learn new things and go outside their comfort zones. Aside from teaching art, it also encourages people to learn and discover their potential.


Team Lyqa

1.72M subscribers

Among the Youtubers who rose to fame because of the quality of their videos is Lyqa Maravilla. She is an educational content creator, a podcast host, and a resource speaker who you might see regularly on almost all media platforms.

Lyqa has been making free content on YouTube and Facebook to help people pass aptitude exams. She is also known as “coach Lyqa” by her students and subscribers. She is one of the award-winning top creators and influencers who created a platform for people who want to learn about Math, English, Logic, internet safety, learn to teach, and ace their job interviews. Team Lyqa’s goal is to “democratize education here in the Philippines and, just maybe, the entire world.”

Today, we can immediately watch any video we want, wherever we may be, at any of our convenient times. Want to know how to earn? YouTube. Trying to get motivated? YouTube. How to successfully achieve a driven life? Tips from YouTube. Through the video-sharing platform, anything is accessible, and anybody can learn and be inspired.

Thanks to the content creators found on the platform, we certainly have the free opportunity to watch hilarious comedy show clips, listen to podcasts, and get lost in music videos, but when it comes to getting our daily dose of motivation and learning, YouTube never disappoints.

Thus, why not make the most of your gadgets and internet and give these motivational content creators a like and subscribe as they dish from happiness to helping us drive the path of our journey in this life.

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