Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Krispy Kreme Greets 2024 with Choco Hazelnut Collection


Krispy Kreme Greets 2024 with Choco Hazelnut Collection

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Welcome 2024 with the sweetest gift from Krispy Kreme and their Choco Hazelnut Collection.

Don’t need any New Year’s resolutions when you are greeted with the Choco Hazelnut Doughnuts Collection in Choco Hazelnut with Breadsticks, Choco Hazelnut Strawberry Filled, and Choco Hazelnut Kreme Pie. Pair up these awesomely tasting doughnuts with the Choco Hazelnut Latte prepared with everyone’s favorite choco hazelnut spread, Nutella.

The Choco Hazelnut with Breadsticks is a ring doughnut dipped in dark chocolate, topped with chopped breadsticks and drizzled with Nutella. A nostalgic duo of choco hazelnut and breadsticks that will keep you wanting for more.

The perfect combination of luscious chocolate and tangy strawberry is the inspiration for the Choco Hazelnut Strawberry Filled. It is a ring doughnut filled with strawberry, with a spread of Nutella on top and topped with dehydrated strawberries. Every bite gives you a surprise burst of strawberry filling!

Choco Hazelnut Kreme Pie brings a new doughnut experience to this loved flavor. It is a pure Nutella and smooth whipped kreme sandwiched between our melt-in-your-mouth doughnut dusted with doughnut coating. Definitely a must-try!

Complete the sweet trip to Krispy Kreme with a sip of the Choco Hazelnut Latte prepared with Nutella. This newest latte treat will give you an unforgettable Spot Happy moment. It is an indulgent drink made with milk, espresso and Nutella spread. The good news is you can have this drink your way — whether you like it in a traditional hot latte or you want to cool up in a cold latte. The right balance of two favorites, coffee and Nutella, is just what you need to perk up your day.
“Nutella has been a huge part of my life! I really love its flavor, so I’m happy that we are able to release this collection made with our friends from Nutella. This collection is made with lots of love from both Krispy Kreme and Nutella, and we made sure that when our OGs try it, a smile on their face can be seen. We hope that when they bite on our Choco Hazelnut Doughnuts or sip our Choco Hazelnut Latte, their day will be a happy one!” said Ysabel Cruz, Senior Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme.

Go to any Krispy Kreme stores nationwide to check out the Choco Hazelnut Doughnuts starting at P70 and Choco Hazelnut Latte prepared with Nutella starting at P159. Available in all Krispy Kreme stores or through delivery via now.krispykreme.com.ph, GrabFood, foodpanda, Pick.A.Roo and Groover.

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