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Kiana V Shares The Stories Behind Her Hits In Exclusive Meet & Greet On Globe Virtual Hangouts


Kiana V Shares The Stories Behind Her Hits In Exclusive Meet & Greet On Globe Virtual Hangouts


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Last December 3, Paradise Rising artists Kiana V, Fern, Jason Dhakal, Massiah, and Leila Alcasid performed alongside 88rising artists and other global acts on the Double Happiness Winter Wonder Festival featured on Globe Virtual Hangouts. This is the inaugural event of the newest concert platform that aims to showcase the best of Asian talents, Eastern Standard Time.

In line with this, Virtual Hangouts invited Kiana V for an exclusive Double Happiness Festival online meet and greet where she shared how the experience performing in the online fest was plus some never before told stories about her hit songs. Lucky fans also got to ask her their personal questions and even received surprise giveaways!

About performing in the Double Happiness Winter Wonder Festival

Kiana described the experience as “thrilling” especially having to work with an amazing crew for the show. “I hadn’t performed outside of my bedroom for a very long time. It kinda made me a little anxious at the start knowing that I’ll be in front of a professional crew where I have to get all dressed up and perform for more than just my camera,” she added. “I’m excited for this crazy pandemic to blow over, because it’s really so much fun to work with different people and that was what I enjoyed the most.”

To get ready for her performance, Kiana had to go back to doing her vocal exercises religiously and mentally prepare herself. “It was really a lot of mental preparation that went into it, reminding myself that ‘it’s back to work’ and being open to collaboration and feedback.”

Stories behind the hits

During the meet and greet, Kiana played a little game of spin the wheel with the host where she had to share a trivia or a fun fact behind each song that the wheel will land on. Here’s some of our favorites:

Corners started as poetry that Kiana wrote while on a flight to Malaysia. Eventually, she found herself in California with some friends where she started singing the then poem over music. “It just fit so well so we decided that we’re going to work together and make it a full song.”

When it comes to her collaboration with Filipino-Aussie artist and producer Billy Davis, No Rush, Kiana originally envisioned to be an ethereal, RnB ballad type of song, but after working on it with Billy in the studio, it had turned out to be the upbeat and danceable track that we all love. She noted that this is one of the things that she loves about working with producers in the studio, because you’ll never know where they will take you.

On the shooting of the Safe Place music video, Kiana shared that despite it being a crazy and worrisome time in California due to the rising COVID-19 cases, the 88rising and Paradise Rising teams were so collaborative and quick to send inspiration and moodboards. The play on different fabrics as seen on the video is the director’s idea to convey how something so beautiful can also be suffocating. It’s thinking that you have found your safe place but in the end, it’s not as safe as you think.

What’s next for Kiana V?

2021 is going to be a good year for all fans of Kiana, because according to her, she will be releasing “lots of new music” of the year to come. No details yet but be sure to always be on the lookout on her social media pages!

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