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Jollibee's Strawberry Choco Sundae : A Dessert Lover's Dream Come True

Jollibee's Strawberry Choco Sundae : A Dessert Lover's Dream Come True

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2018 has just started and Jollibee already spearheaded the innovation game with the launch of a new flavor-packed dessert indulgence like no other. It combines two of our favorite flavors in a dessert: strawberry and chocolate! Truly a dessert lover’s dream come true!
I was so excited to be a part of the Jollibee Media launch that was held at the Jollibee Biopolis, Macapagal and was hosted by the lovely 99.5 Play FM  DJ, Katz Salao. We were asked to get a piece of paper during registration and I thought this was for a raffle or a special prize but they would not let us open it until the host tells us so.
The program started off with a game and Kat instructed us to open the piece of paper provided during the registration and the “lucky ones”, those with the chocolate and strawberry icons on their piece of paper, will be the contestants. Well, there goes my hopes and chance for a raffle but I was still lucky because I have Jollibee on my paper. 🙂
The contestants were paired, of course 1 chocolate and 1 strawberry for each pair. The contestants were asked a series of questions. The pairs should write the answers on a white board and raise both of their hands if both of them have already written their answers. Aside from that, the pair should have the same answer! The winners were awarded with Jollibee GCs. Well, lucky them!

IMG_9800After the game, Mr. Shaun Si, Assistant Brand Manager for Complementary Products introduced their newest dessert innovation, the Strawberry Choco Sundae.
The all-new Strawberry Choco Sundae takes Jollibee’s classic vanilla soft-serve to a whole new level by topping it with a layer of indulgent chocolate fudge and delectable strawberry syrup. To finish it off, Jollibee even added a crunchy chocolate coating and chunks of chewy brownies for contrasting textures. The result is a well-rounded dessert treat that delivers a full-bodied, indulgent experience with every scoop.
What’s great about the Strawberry Choco Sundae is that it truly feels like a sweet indulgence, but with a very affordable price tag, only P39.00!*
And now, the moment that we we were all waiting for, it was time to have a taste of the new Strawberry Choco Sundae! Yey!
Product Shot B.jpg
What is evident is that chunk of chocolate brownie slightly touched by a chocolate fudge and a crunchy chocolate coating while the strawberry syrup provides the luscious sweet tangy reds that cut through all the browns of the chocolates.
Our friends from the media like mommy blogger Ms. Gerilen and her son totally enjoying the newest offering from Jollibee.

Upon tasting it, I could say that it definitely tastes better than it looks! The chewy brownie gets mixed with the fruitiness of the strawberry syrup and the chocolateyness of the fudge while the vanilla soft creme balances out all the sweetness. A very yummy dessert indeed! Good job Jollibee!
Thanks to this cheerful team behind the new Jollibee Strawberry Choco Sundae, we will definitely have a reason to go back to Jollibee and say “Isa pa, isa pa… isa pang… Strawberry Choco Sundae! Bida ang saya!” 🙂
(L-R) Celina Tan, Brand PR and Engagement Specialist; Cat Trivino, Brand PR and Engagement Manager;  Kay Segismundo, Senior Marketing manager for Complementary Products; Ralph Rebulanan, Assistant Brand Manager for Complementary Products and Shaun Si, Assistant Brand Manager for Complementary Products

And… what we are totally excited about is… as ]ollibee celebrates their 40th anniversary this year, Jollibee is planning to launch even more exciting new products and truly delectable flavor innovations that will bring joy to every Filipino. This is really something to watch out for, since it is from Jollibee, I am sure these new products will be a part of our Jollibee favorites just like the Strawberry Choco Sundae.
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* Prices may vary across different locations.
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