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Isla Sugbu Seafood City : Bask in a Paluto-All-You-Can Experience


Isla Sugbu Seafood City : Bask in a Paluto-All-You-Can Experience

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Do you love Seafood? The famous UNLI SEAFOOD PALUTO from Cebu is now here in Manila! Satisfy your seafood cravings at ISLA SUGBU SEAFOOD CITY! Are you ready? Experience “PALUTO-ALL-YOU-CAN” for a special price of Php 888 from its original price of Php 1,300 from June 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019 lang! Kaya go na!

● Php 848 per head (Mon -Thurs, 11AM – 3PM)
● Php 888 per head (Mon – Thurs, 6PM -11 PM), (Fridays & Holidays, 11AM – 3PM • 6PM – 11PM), (Saturdays-Sundays, 10AM – 3PM • 6PM-11PM)

And now… for our F.A.B. review

Seafood Galore! Bask in their wide selection of live seafood, freshly prepared seafood and a few meats with all the possible cooking techniques you can imagine, and yes, the way you want it!

These are some easy steps to enjoy your unli-kain here!


They have Octopus, Baby Squid (sarap ng calamari, try nyo!), Squid Lumot, Scallops, Oysters, Swahe, Talangka, Curacha, Lambay Crabs or Blue Crabs, Salmon Head, Salmon Belly, Kitong, Yellow Fin, Sole Fish, Tuna Steak, Tuna Panga, Pompano, Squid Ring, Squid Ball, Crab Meat, Shrimp Ball, Sashimi (live seafood only) or if you want meet they also have Chicken and Pork Belly!

If you have extra budget, try their PREMIUM SEAFOOD (priced per weight and sold separately). They have Mud Crab, Bamboo Lobster, Spiny Lobster, Tiger Lobster, Kingfish and Sea Mantis among others.

You may choose how you want your seafood or meat to be cooked and it is already included in the fee. Choose from grilled, with butter and garlic, spicy, steamed, sashimi, adobo, singaporean, with salted egg, baked with cheese, butter and garlic at so much more!

If you don’t want to choose or too lazy to think and would just like to eat, you may want to try their yummy Seafood Sugbu Specials!

Salt N’ Pepper Calamari

Different from other calamari, but in a good way! It was like a light tempura and it was so tasty, you don’t need any condiments. Perfect with beer!

Salmon Sinigang

The kilig-asim soup that is always gives a good comforting warmth. The soup was flavorful and was not too sour, just right.

Black Pepper Crab

Love how the crabs were cooked perfectly and how the flavor permeates through the crab meat.

Salted Egg Shrimp

Super love this savory and salty dish which is a crowd favorite every time.

Scallop Broccoli with Veggies

Some scallops were a bit tough but I love how healthy this dish is!

Steamed Pompano with Tausi

The fish meat was yummy and light.


Enjoy the bounties of seafood and meat that is served in front of you.

We also tried their:

Sizzling Shrimp Gambas

I love the well-cooked shrimps with a hint of spicy! I could also top that sauce unto my rice!

Steamed Garlic Shrimp

You would know that our group was a shrimp lover and totally loved how the garlic flavor did not so much overpower the shrimp.

Scallops with Cheese, Butter and Garlic

They did not have oysters that time but we will not let the day pass without ordering anything grilled that has cheese on it and we were not disappointed! Love this dish!

Steamed Lapu-Lapu

OMG! a lovely piece of fish that you wouldn’t wanna miss out.

Grilled Tuna Panga

Who wouldn’t love a tuna panga?! This was a flavorful fish dish that I would love to eat again.

Sweet And Sour Kingfish

I really love the combination of Sweet And Sour and I love the fresh and juicy Kingfish paired with that yummy sauce.

Adobong Squid

The dish was not fishy and that thick sauce was so flavorful.

Singaporean Crabs

Flavorful and tasty soft crab meat with the enticing flavor of garlic.

Grilled Chicken and Grilled Pork Belly

Well, for variety but we also enjoyed these well-seasoned meats alongside a sea of the fruits from the sea.


And… this is everybody’s favorite! Choose again, Cook again and Repeat (again!).

TAKE NOTE that there is leftover charge so mind what you take. Please take only what you think you can consume. Also, drinks, desserts and premium items are sold separately, meaning, not included in the Php 888. There is also 3% service charge but the VAT is already inclusive.

Amazed by the presentation because it was Paluto-All-You-Can and I did not expect that there would be some sort of presentation but Isla Sugbu Seafood City’s presentation was on point! Love specially the crab presentation and the plates were all neat on the edges.


Upon entering you will see the wet market at the left side, not smelly at all! It is well organized depending on the category of the seafood or meat that you would like to try. You can even see live seafood on the aquariums. The restaurant has lots of comfy seats and is well-lit and spacious enough for big groups and families.



The crew were all friendly and provided our needs at once. They will help and guide you starting from Step 1, during at the market station, until Step 4.

LOCATION: ISLA SUGBU SEAFOOD CITY 2/F Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig City

For more information and promos, follow them in their social media sites:

FACEBOOK: Isla Sugbu Seafood City

INSTAGRAM: @islasugbuseafoodcity

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