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Hops & Brews : The New Taste Of Comfort in Poblacion

Hops & Brews : The New Taste Of Comfort in Poblacion

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Makati is one of the busiest business centers of Manila and we can’t deny that it is one of the foodie havens for quite a time, especially Poblacion. It has been a fave hangout place for those seeking great food, great beer and drinks and of course, great company!We know that Poblacion is bustling with many nooks and go-to spaces for eating but not a lot opens before 5pm since most establishments cater the night crowd.

As a foodie and as an employee, it’s hard to find affordable lunch here which serves great food that can satisfy the foodie in me. A restaurant that serves fast so the employee does not get scolded for having extended break time. And… as a normal person eating lunch, I wouldn’t like to eat lunch in a hotel since my budget is quite, you know, reserved for some other things other than just lunch.Fortunately, there is this posh restaurant at the I’m Hotel that can answer my foodie-slash-employee problems, HOPS & BREWS!

Hops & Brews is a Gastropub at the center of the ever lively Poblacion, Makati. It is conveniently located at the ground floor of the I’M Hotel, so technically I am not eating in a hotel restaurant right?! 😁 It is a restaurant cum cafe at day and a gastropub at night.

Let’s do our review of this restaurant.


Hops & Brews is offering a promo The Super-Bowl 280 LunchYou get to have a choice of 1 Main Dish + Soup + Salad + Iced Tea (all that for only P280). Available from 11 AM to 3 PM daily.

A Php 280 combo with all of these? Too good to be true so I better try them all!

Squid Ink Seafood RiceWho will not be attracted to this dish? It has black ink rice plus two of my favorite seafood: white fish and squid. It’s like a mini paella that I would go back for more. The only thing about this is that there is it isn’t enough for my big appetite because I want more of this! It’s afresh dish but better be wary of your teeth after ’cause the boss will certainly know where you ate. 😁

Chicken Karaage RiceLike, who doesn’t love Fried Chicken, right?! It’s a dish of fried Japanese-style cutlets of chicken with Soy Aoili dip over a bed of generous and hot white rice. Perfect for the kids and the kid-at-heart like me, crunchy and flavorful because of that special dip.

Sausage Rigatoni

Want something heavy but do not like the sight of rice, this is the peefect option for you. Al dente rigatoni pasta with tangy tomato sauce and pork breakfast sausage is what I prefer when a day calls out for comfort food. Love the tidbits of sausage that makes this a complete dish on its own.

Chicken Yakitori Rice

Want something sweet and savory? A dish of grilled chicken breast and leek skewers would satisfy you then. The teriyaki sauce gives the distinct flavor of this yummy number that is quick and easy to finish within your lunch hour.

Soup of the day (Ours was Mushroom Soup)

I love the soup’s texture since it has tidbits of mushroom and that drizzle of olive oil on top making it the perfect opening number for the main dishes.

Iced Tea

While we were there, we chose between Green Tea Lychee or Berry Potion. The perfect choice for me was the berry potion because of that popping boba which was really refreshing. Ask your server regarding the available iced tea.

SaladGreens with olives, onions and cherry tomatoes. Healthy and just the perfect accompaniment to any combo to give you the feeling of a guilt-free lunch. 😋

While the Super-Bowl 280 Lunch specials are complete in itself, I believe that there is more room for food to other than desserts and, I believe that lunch should not be hurried and should be enjoyed with all the time in this world, so I even tried their new dishes and other favorites here.

Crispy Pork Knuckles

2.2 pounds of deep fried pork knuckles that are so crunchy that you will not even think of getting a photo of it before eating.

Chicken Wings

I ask again, who is not fond of chicken wings? Oh, I haven’t asked that? Anyway, you will certainly not say “pass” to these yummy wings. Avaialble in Garlic Parmesan, Maple Sriracha and Soy Garlic Aoili.

Korean Galbi Short RibsA great 48-hour slow cooked Australian shortrib that’s so tender over a bed of Kimchi rice and fried egg. Ah! heaven on a plate!

Chili BeefSpicy Sukiyaki Beef with a choice of Oriental Rice or Garlic Spaghetti with fried beans and it’s obvious what we chose togive more variety.

Irish MonkeyBailey’s, Mocha, Milk and Vanilla Ice Cream! It’s one of their signature cocktails that will certainly pass as a dessert because of its sweet notes and that cooling ice cream.

The dishes here are not pretentious and are simply good and appetizing specially that Pork Knuckles. I wish the serving of the lunch specials could be more, or maybe it’s just me and my appetite. But certainly, The Super-Bowl Lunch promo is so worth it.


The place is spacious with comfortable seats and tiny trinkets that will make you feel at home. You will still get the hotel luxurious feels while having your food and drinks here but will stay due to the laidback interiors. They have communal tables perfect for your barkada and an al fresco seating if you prefer dining under the stars or enjoying the Poblacion scene. The only problem that you might encounter here, if you are not a hotel guest, would be the parking. I am not sure of the hotel allows it but you may park at some parking spaces which is just a walking distance away from the restaurant. Quite a hassle but certainly worth the walk since you will be enjoying it here at Hops & Brews.


This is a sponsored event. The owner was there greeting us cheerfully as we arrived. The servers where also cheerful and fast enough to give us our requests and refills. The food came out warm, fast and appetizing.It was a great experience dining here so I willd enitely go back because I have my eyes set to try some other dishes like that Keso Fundido, Rib Eye Steak, Torched Mahi Mahi, All American Porkchop and of course, their signature cocktails and mixes!

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INSTAGRAM: @hopsandbrews

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