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Highlands Coffee Named Vietnam’s Top F&B Brand in Customer Experience

Highlands Coffee Named Vietnam’s Top F&B Brand in Customer Experience

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Leading in Customer Experience. Vietnam’s #1 Coffee Chain, Highlands Coffee, has been named as the top F&B brand in customer experience by KPMG. Highlands Coffee is one of the 18 brands under the Jollibee Group, one of the world’s fastest-growing restaurant companies.

Highlands Coffee, Vietnam’s #1 coffee chain and one of the global restaurant company Jollibee Group’s brands, has been recognized as the highest-ranked food and beverage brand on customer experience in the 2023 Customer Experience Excellence Study (CEE) by KPMG in Vietnam.

The CEE report, which was commissioned by global consulting firm KPMG, engaged Vietnamese consumers across eight sectors, including Restaurants & Fast Food, Entertainment & Leisure, and Travel & Hotels. Brands were ranked based on KPMG’s Six Pillars of Experience methodology, encompassing Integrity, Empathy, Resolution, Personalization, Expectations, Time, and Effort, offering businesses valuable insights to enhance customer experience strategies.

Ernesto Tanmantiong, President and CEO of the Jollibee Group, shared: “Highlands Coffee’s recognition affirms Jollibee Group’s efforts to build well-loved brands in their respective markets. We thank our Highlands Coffee team for their passionate commitment to great-tasting products and exceptional customer experiences. We are also grateful to our customers for supporting Highlands Coffee as we accelerate its growth in Vietnam.”

“The voice of our customers is at the heart of everything we do,” shared David Thai, Founder & CEO of Highlands Coffee. “We can fulfill our promise of delivering ‘The Best of Vietnam’ by listening to our guests’ needs and by constantly elevating our product offerings, physical footprint, digital presence, and overall guest experience.”

Key Highlights from the KPMG Study

Highest Ranked Food and Beverage Brand: Highlands Coffee emerged as the highest-ranked F&B brand in the study, surpassing other formidable players in the food and beverage industry. Based on the survey, Highlands Coffee increased its share in the face-to-face channel, with patrons praising the café’s ambiance and diverse drink options. In terms of satisfaction on digital channels, Highlands Coffee excelled across its website, customer inquiries, and online orders, earning the highest satisfaction from multiple age groups .

Climbing 22 Spots: In a notable leap, Highlands Coffee ascended an impressive 22 spots compared to the 2022 study. From the survey, only Highlands Coffee showed an increase in value-for-money score, as other coffee brands experienced a decrease. This trend suggests that even as customers demand greater value from their beverage experiences, Highlands Coffee’s exceptional-tasting beverages rem

Strong Value and Loyalty Scores: Amid market competition, Highlands Coffee maintained robust value and loyalty scores. Survey respondents consistently recognized the brand’s quality, authenticity, and commitment to their well-being. Highlands Coffee also stood out as the only brand with a significant increase in loyalty scores, attributed to its excellence in upgrading coffee spaces and providing a delightful experience with attentive customer service and high-quality products. These have been identified as resonating with customers, instilling in them a strong sense of brand affinity and loyalty.

Highlands Coffee’s Continued Growth

Founded in 1999, Highlands Coffee began with a passion for Vietnam and its rich coffee culture. Today, it not only leads the market but also serves as a community hub across its numerous stores, offering coffee, teas, and food that bring people together.

Highlands Coffee has grown exponentially since the Jollibee Group acquired 50% in 2012, expanding the store network from 56 stores to 723 in Vietnam and 779 globally. With a dominant 35 to 40% market share in Vietnamese coffee, Highlands Coffee stands as the market leader, known for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and community-building. To date, Highlands Coffee’s strategic growth has solidified its presence especially in key urban areas, resonating strongly with both locals and visitors alike.

Highlands Coffee contributes to the diversification and growth of the Jollibee Group’s international portfolio. As of March 2024, the Jollibee Group’s expansive store network of 6,885 outlets reflects a 4.6% increase from the same period the previous year. Highlands Coffee forms part of the 18-brand-strong Jollibee Group, with its other iconic brands including Jollibee, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf©, Smashburger, and Tim Ho Wan.

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