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Grid X Griddle Gastrolounge and Gaming : For Ages Kids to Kids-At-Heart

Grid X Griddle Gastrolounge and Gaming : For Ages Kids to Kids-At-Heart

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Gone are the days when you hear your parents stopping you from playing while eating. Well, not totally gone I might say because of this wonderful restaurant that allows you to enjoy your food while having fun at the same time, Grid X Griddle Gastrolounge and Gaming.

“Grid” most probably came from the grids we see in some boardgames while “Griddle” is from the type of cookware that you use to whip up delicious recipes.

I am so lucky to be living near this gastrolounge, for it gives me an option to take my mind of stress once in a while by playing games with my friends while enjoying dishes that I can also share with friends. This is not my first time to visit here, so check out my F.A.B. review!


The food here is a combination of different Filipino dishes and international dishes mostly comfort food and are meant to be shared. It is more than fitting because playing with friends wouldn’t be as enjoyable if you are not eating together.

Truffle Mushroom Soup

Sauteed Mushrooms in truffle and cream. Love how creamy the soup is and there were lots of mushroom that provided that extra texture.

G X G Fries

A combination of Japan and America with the katsuboshi or fish flakes on top over that crispy fries.


Fried Salt & Pepper squid served with bagoong aioli and vinegar. Love that crunchy squid with an extraordinary sauce that will make you ask for more.


A crunchy and savory longanisa from Isabela served with two eggs, garlic rice, veggies and iced tea.

Sweet Basi Adobo Glazed Chicken

A sous vide quarter leg glazed in special adobo sauce and is served with garlic rice, demi glace sauce and mango. Love the fruity additon of the mangoes and the consistent adobo flavor of that chicken. You may think that the chicken is raw but it is cooked ‘sous vide’ or also known as low temperature long time cooking, is a method of cooking in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and cooked in a water bath for longer than usual cooking times at an accurately regulated temperature.It is for food to be consistently moist, juicy and tender, without loosing its volume.

G X G Pasta

Salted egg and smoked fish pasta. The taste of salted egg was quite faint buy the smoked fish flavor punched through. Wish they could add a little more salted egg flavor, maybe upon request.

Truffle Pasta

A creamy truffle pasta topped with bacon and parmesan. Creamy and flavorful, the saltiness of the bacon and parmesan cut through the creaminess of the white sauce.

G X G Pizza

This was a rather unusual because mot of its ingredients are not those of a typical pizza toppings: dilis, eggplant, red onion, tomato, bagoong, ripe mango slices, mozzarella, cheddar, gruyere and it comes with a vinegar dip. The pizza remained crunchy and the toppings mixed perfectly in the mouth when you dip that pizza into that vinegar. Yes, you read it right, a pizza with a vinegar dip! Probably because the ingredients are more commonly found in our fave salad with a vinegraitte that’s why it works.

Durian Espresso Ice Cream

Chocolate Frappe

Cafe Mocha 12oz

Fresh Lemonade

Iced Tea

It wasn’t my first time to eat here and I could say that this time around, I had a better experience of the food. Pobably because I went here when they were still new?, I dunno, but there was really an improvement in some of their food offerings.


This place is a haven for game fanatics who still fancy a more social environment. It involves connections with family and friends over friendly competitions and great food.

They have two floors: the first floor is almost always if you prefer a more private space since there are only 3 to 4 tables and is less prone to noise of people enjoying friendly banters and gaming feats.

They have a shelf with a lot of games where one of the most elusive game, Scythe, can be seen. We were told that it’s a hard-to-find board game with a hefty price tag.

At the 2nd floor, you will instantly feel that this floor is certainly made for the kids and the kids-at-heart.

At the left-side stands a shelf with a plethora of games for ages kid to kids-at-heart while at the right side is a big scrabble wall paper for those who prefer to display their witt and word-making prowess.

The room is lively with colorful pillows that you can use while sitting on the floor for more intimate feels. There are also tables and chairs for those who prefer the traditional restaurant feels.


We had no problems with the service. All our food and requests were provided on time. The servers are also trained to help you with the games. Gamers who pretend to be waiters, char! Just ask the servers on how to play a game and they will happily assist you.

Location: The Hub at Greenfield District, Mayflower St., Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City

To know more about Grid X Griddle Gastroloungr and Gaming, follow their social media accounts:

Facebook: Grid X Griddle

Instagram: @gridandgriddle

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