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Goodbye Hairs: Find Out Which Hair Removal Technique Is Best For You


Goodbye Hairs: Find Out Which Hair Removal Technique Is Best For You


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For most women, hair removal is undeniably a part of our lives. It’s always a struggle to keep up with the hairs growing on our faces and bodies.

The options are limitless for hair removal techniques. Shaving, laser, waxing—you name it. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with all of them.

When choosing a technique to use, it’s important to consider the methods and level of convenience since it’s something that you’re going to want to maintain. So if you’re unsure which technique works best for you, we are here to guide you on your hair removal journey!

1. Shaving

Shaving is one of the most common techniques of hair removal because it is quick and cheap. Shaving works by using a razor or blade to cut hair at your skin’s surface. It is also relatively painless if done right.

While this offers a very simple method of removing your hair, it can leave your skin bumpy and irritated if you don’t exfoliate before and moisturize after. Since it only removes hair from the skin level, the effect is not long-lasting so you need to do this on a weekly basis.

If you need a fast and inexpensive way to remove hair and don’t mind doing it regularly, then this can be your go-to technique.

2. Waxing

As the name suggests, waxing makes use of wax to strip off any unwanted body hair. Waxing can be done at home, or you can go to a salon to have your hair removed by a professional. However, do note that waxing can be painful for some people.

Unlike shaving, which only cuts hairs on the surface, waxing removes them from the roots. This way, the regrowth of hair is much finer and slower. The effects usually last from two weeks to a month, depending on your hair growth cycle.

If you want smoother skin, can shell out a bit more money, and can handle the pain from wax stripping, then this method is for you.

3. Sugaring

Sugaring is much like waxing, but instead of wax, a mixture of sugar, honey, and citric acid is used to strip off hair.

Sugaring offers the same smooth and long-lasting results as waxing but in a generally gentler and less painful way. However, it is more costly.

If you want a natural and less-painful alternative to waxing, then opt for sugaring.

4. Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams or depilatories are an at-home technique that uses chemicals to dissolve your hair structure. This technique lasts longer than shaving because it breaks down your hair at the follicle level. It is pain-free and the results can last up to three-weeks.

However, this technique is prone to irritate those who have sensitive skin. Hair removal creams are also more expensive than razor blades.

If you want an at-home technique that is quick and simple but you’re scared of using a razor blade, then hair depilatory creams are your bestie!

5. Laser

Laser hair removal works by repeatedly emitting a beam of light that breaks down your hair follicle over time. The laser damages your hair structure, preventing it from growing again in the future.

Laser hair removal provides the longest lasting results of all the hair removal techniques. However, you will need about six treatments or more before you can see the result, and the sessions can be pretty expensive.

If you want a permanent solution for your unwanted body hair, then book a laser hair removal appointment now!