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Go Beyond the Norm and Experience a New Way to Live with lyf Malate Manila’s Co-living Experience

Go Beyond the Norm and Experience a New Way to Live with lyf Malate Manila’s Co-living Experience

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lyf Malate, Manila, the first lyf property under The Ascott Limited in the Philippines, is breaking free from societal norms to offer the new generation of travelers a distinct and unparalleled experience unbeknownst to the typical expectation that comes with traditional accommodations. With the leadership of lyf Champion Joyce Pascual – Agsaway, an experienced industry expert with extensive knowledge gained through years, lyf Malate Manila is poised to revolutionize the concept of connection, work, and fostering a supportive community, all within a single space.

Agsaway, the lyf Champion (Residence Manager), brings an infectious energy that perfectly aligns with the aspirations of the next generation of travelers. With a youthful spirit and a deep understanding of the evolving needs and desires of modern nomads, Agsaway is set to redefine the coliving experience in Malate, Manila.

Having honed her skills managing properties that cater to the discerning tastes of the modern travelers, she is the driving force behind the commitment to creating an environment that effortlessly blends style, comfort, and connectivity. With a dynamic leadership style that encourages collaboration and creativity, she will spearhead the talented lyf crew dedicated to delivering personalized and unforgettable experiences.

 “Our vision at lyf Malate Manila is to challenge the norm of what an accommodation should be and provide a transformative experience for all of our guests,” said Joyce Pascual – Agsaway. “We truly believe that travel and accommodation should be so much more. It should be an opportunity for personal growth, connections, and self-discovery. By embracing unconventional ideas, we aim to empower our guests to experience the new era of hospitality.” 

As opposed to the cookie-cutter approach adopted by most accommodations, lyf Malate Manila dares to be different by evolving with the times and embracing the spirit of community. The property caters to a diverse lineup of guests, including digital nomads, self-starters, and anyone craving a sense of community while climbing their respective career ladder.

lyf Malate Manila recognizes that the current generation of professionals seeks more than just a place to catch some shuteye; they crave a community-driven and enriching environment that offers a sanctuary for collaboration, inspiration, and growth. The property’s Connect (Coworking Space and Communal Lounge) and Nook (Private Working Spaces) provide a space for these minds from different industries to share experiences and build connections in a captivating atmosphere that sparks creativity.

Part of lyf Malate Manila’s appeal is its mesmerizing interior that perfectly complements the needs of its guests. Each space has been carefully curated to create an environment that is not only visually appealing but also highly functional to empower its guests to work more productively.

Aside from the amenities catered for productivity, lyf Malate Manila goes above and beyond by offering areas that can host events designed to foster collaboration, learning, and meaningful connections to broaden their horizon in the industry. An ideal location to build community while staying on top of things outside work is lyf’s Burn (Social Gym) and Hang Out (Rooftop).

 “We highly encourage guests to take part and experience the innovation that is lyf Malate Manila. What we have here is truly an amazing space for professionals to seek new meaningful connections and unlock their full potential,” said Joyce Pascual – Agsaway.

lyf Malate Manila is ready to spearhead the movement of encouraging the new generation of workers to step out of their typical routine and experience the new era of hospitality. Guests can now book their spot at lyf Malate Manila by visiting their official website.

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