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Global Life Coaching Summit held last May 6

Global Life Coaching Summit held last May 6

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The Leading with Love Boutique-Style Experience Tour 2023, a gathering of global leaders, life coaches, decision makers, influencers, change agents, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and global-thought leaders was held on May 6, at the Tiara Hotel in Makati City.

Spearheaded by Master Coach Lakendra Smalley, a Master Certified Life Coach who’s a global authority in Holistic Mental Health Life Coaching, the event was a ground-breaking day of heart-centered learning featuring movement, holistic wellness and balance, business centered workshops and talks, music, fellowship, and a renewed focus on leading with love as the core & force of good business practices.

Before the pandemic Master Coach Lakendra opened a Life Coaching hub in Tacloban City where there is a high demand for Life Coaches. She continues to foster relationships around the globe to expand the Life Coaching community. She aims to make Life Coaching a recession proof profession for Life Coaches around the world.

“I was given this vision of bringing the entire world together to expand love and compassion into the hearts of leaders wanting to make our world a better place. I am now teaching others how to become their “better world.” Life Coaching is God’s profession. It teaches you how to love through the expansion of self, which makes you responsible for helping others to do the same,” Lakendra shared.

Master Coach LaKendra is now teaching leaders how to expand more in-love, which expands their leadership profoundly. She wants a Certified Life Coach represented in all 195 countries.

The Leading with Love Boutique-Style Experience Tour 2023 kicked-off in the US early this year while succeeding events will be held in South Africa and the Middle East.

Master Coach Lakendra also hosts “One Million Coaches Around the Globe,” a talk show and podcast on the TNC Network on Facebook. She is the founder of The Global Life Coach Training and Entrepreneur Institute, an online and offline school that teaches leaders how to use Life Coaching principles and methodology to build their platforms heart centered.

The event is organized by PEPP Management and Consultancy, Inc., in partnership with Malaya, Manila Standard, Mother Nurture, Salgado PR, and The New Channel.

To learn more about the upcoming summit and Smalley’s Global Life Coach Training and Entrepreneur Institute, visit globalcoachentrepreneur.org.