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Get Fast, UNLI Internet With Free Devices With Globe At Home


Get Fast, UNLI Internet With Free Devices With Globe At Home

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Make sure to apply now so you don’t miss your last chance to avail of the free devices promo that runs only until November 30, 2020.

More and more families are bringing their world right at home, and with this new set-up, a fast and reliable internet connection is important to use for both work and play. In navigating the digital normal, let Globe At Home be your partner in boosting your connectivity and keeping WiFi troubles at bay with free devices and exclusive features available with its UNLI Plans 2499 and up.

Unstable and slow internet? The reasons for this are more common than you think − distance from the router, number of connected devices at the same time, and WiFi signals being blocked by walls and doors. By investing in a powerful mesh network, you can solve all these problems at once, and experience wider coverage and steadier connection no matter where you are inside your house.

Power your mesh system set-up today with Globe At Home UNLI Plans 2499 and up that come with 2 FREE TP-Link WiFi mesh units! These will help cover each room of your home with a strong WiFi signal by eliminating WiFi dead zones and enabling you to turn your home into an office, a classroom, or even a movie theater! It also has WiFi security and usage monitoring features that parents can use to oversee their children’s online activity and consumption.

The Globe At Home UNLI Plans 2499 and up also include access to the VIP Tech Squad and hotline services as well as a 3-month subscription to iWant TFC and Amazon Prime Video. Customers who avail of the UNLI Plan 1899, on the other hand, will also receive a free Android TV Box that the family can use to watch and bond over their favorite videos and shows on their home TV via apps like YouTube and more.

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