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Filipino singer-songwriter Benj Pangilinan captures the feeling of youthful excitement on new single “Dance Like You”

Filipino singer-songwriter Benj Pangilinan captures the feeling of youthful excitement on new single “Dance Like You”

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Filipino singer-songwriter Benj Pangilinan expresses the joy of living life with a positive mindset on his new single “Dance Like You,” out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

Encapsulating the essence of youthful excitement in a euphoric, four-minute pop song, the talented newcomer grabs his dancing shoes to sing about seizing the moment with a cheerful disposition in life and love.

Dance Like You is a song for all ages and all people who just want to have fun and dance,” Pangilinan explains. “I wrote this song a couple of years ago, during the pandemic. I remember just playing the guitar when I suddenly came up with an interesting chord progression. Instantly, I picked up my phone and opened the Voice Memos app. From there, I remember getting this feeling that a song was about to be made.”

Giving listeners a well-needed shot of dopamine, Pangilinan’s catchy new song hits like sunlight passing through a glass window first thing in the morning. It’s a bop that offers a hearty dose of fun and optimism.

According to Benj Pangilinan, he penned “Dance Like You” with the intention of not overthinking the lyrics. The promising young artist made the song with a vision to bridge two generations of music that allow listeners of varying generations to let loose, have fun, and dance.

His frequent collaborator, the Grammy-nominated Xerxes Bakker, produced the track with a timeless, contemporary edge, giving Benj the opportunity to express himself authentically and showcase his vibrant personality.

“Dance Like You” will be part of an EP to be released soon under Sony Music Entertainment. In sharing the details about his highly anticipated debut record, Benj shares in a press statement that the EP is just him “experimenting and figuring out who” he is as an artist. “I’m super excited to share this with all of you. My work has always been a reflection of my journey towards self-discovery. I hope that in some way or another, I’ll be able to inspire people with my songs.”

The infectious track serves as the followup to his first single “Love, That’s Rare,” which he wrote to reflect on the conflicting emotions he was experiencing at the time. Watch the music video here.

Benj Pangilinan’s “Dance Like You” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

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