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Enjoy a Well-deserved Pawer Pamasko with TM FunPasko Raffle

Enjoy a Well-deserved Pawer Pamasko with TM FunPasko Raffle

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If you’re still wishing to win at your Christmas party raffle, wait no longer. TM FunPasko Raffle is giving Ka-TMs the chance to win up to P1 million pesos until December 30, 2022, so you can achieve your well-deserved memorable Christmas.

“TM believes that Filipinos deserve to have a more enjoyable Christmas celebration this year despite the challenges they continue to face. With TM FunPasko Raffle, Ka-TMs have the chance to win P2,000 GCash credits weekly for shopping or grocery, five Samsung 5G mobile phones for their raket or online school, a Motorcycle for additional income, and P1 million peso cash prize to help them get back on their feet and indulge in the good vibes that the Christmas season brings,” said Bea Lacson, TM Brand Head.

Dasurv ang panalo sa TM raffle promos

Every year at TM FunPasko Raffle, many Ka-TMs win different raffle prizes that bring good vibes and help improve lives.

Among those who have been enjoying the good vibes that their wins bring are Arlene Baxter of Parañaque City, who was able to buy a house and start a business with her P1 million cash prize. Emilie Somera of Marikina City, who experienced changes in her life when she got her own house and lot, started to own an apartment space for rentals, and bought a tricycle for her husband’s raket. Ma Crisan Tabor of Makati, P1 million peso winner of Doble Dekada Raffle, on the other hand, used her cash prize to buy her own motorbike and sustain the medication of her mother.

John Clyford of Makati won P1 million pesos from the recent TM is the Key Raffle, which he used to put up a house in the province and help his siblings. Meanwhile, Lara Cardona from Manila has finally achieved her car and travel goals when she won P2 million pesos alongside Cagayan De Oro winner Rodolfo Romorosa, who bought his own lot and has started to build his dream home.

“Pawer” Prizes Ka-TMs “dasurv”

To help Ka-TMs celebrate their well-deserved Christmas celebration this year, TM is giving away up to ₱1 million cash prize through TM FunPasko Raffle that can help uplift their lives and start a more abundant year; up to ₱2,000 GCash Credits for a fun shopping spree; or Motorcycles or Samsung 5G Mobile Phones to help them gain extra income or at school.

TM also made it easy for Ka-TMs to join TM FunPasko Raffle. They just need to register to any of the TM promos until December 30, 2022 through SMS or GlobeOne App, to increase their chances of winning.

“Pawer” Freebies Ka-TMs “dasurv”

To extend the good vibes to others, TM is also offering a powerful LTE/5G sim that has free EASYSURF50 with extra freebies, TM Rewards points and up to 20GB free data that they deserve!

To know more about TM FunPasko Raffle, visit TM Tambayan, because you deserve a PAWERful FunPasko with TM