Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Do Longer Videos Work On TikTok? See The Difference A Little Extra Time Makes


Do Longer Videos Work On TikTok? See The Difference A Little Extra Time Makes

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TikTok is known as the best platform for short-form video content, with users being able to post up to one-minute clips by default. As it continues to innovate, TikTok has recently given users the ability to share videos up to three minutes long.

Three-minute TikTok videos at a glance

While this new, longer video duration received mixed reactions when it was first rolled out, it certainly presented new opportunities for users to creatively express themselves. The longer duration gives creators more room to experiment with their content, and may even help them establish a deeper connection with their followers. These longer videos are proving to be ideal for content such as in-depth tutorials, skits, and videos with a large amount of information to share.
Check out these long video posts from TikTok creators, and see the difference that a longer timeframe can make.
Here’s an example of experimental content done in 3 minutes.

Sometimes it’s better to find your own solution. My first 3 minute video in Tiktok, wait for the END. My new acc➡️: @sokolov_motivation

♬ original sound – Sokolov Artyom


In-depth tutorials for subjects like Math and Science are more effective when you have more time to dive into details.
You can share a lot more information and insights when you have three whole minutes.
Longer skits mean even more fun and entertainment.

A look at TikTok’s classic one-minute video format, and why it works

Essentially, one-minute videos are short enough to keep viewers interested, are easily shareable, and quick to make. While some might find it challenging to keep within the one-minute timeframe, with a little extra creativity and ingenuity, users can deliver powerful content within this short amount of time.
With one-minute videos, viewers can quickly scroll from one video to the next without losing interest. Creators can easily capture attention, and generate engagement from followers as well. Short clips are also often simpler to make, and are more shareable than longer content.
Whether you prefer one-minute clips or longer three-minute content, there are a lot of videos for you to enjoy on TikTok. Download the app on your iOS and Android devices today.