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6 tips before going on your Christmas Vacation

6 tips before going on your Christmas Vacation

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The Philippines has one of the longest Christmas seasons in the world, do you agree? We prepare since the start of the”BER” months but come December, it still feels that you haven’t done enough. For others , an additional task is added when your family or friends choose to spend Christmas out of town. Well, here are some important tips to take note on your planned travel this Christmas season.


1. Create an itinerary

In the Philippines, I think we have two major long vacations, Holy Week and Christmas season. It is quite rare that you have a week off with your family, so I suggest you create a list of things you want to do or where you want to go with your family.


It could not be that elaborate because I know most of the times, it is more fun to do things out of whim or take the so called off-beaten path. Just enjoy the place and be adventurous!But… take note of special Christmas-only events or even sales on your destination. It would be a great item to tick off in your itinerary.

2. Pack Light

Mostly for the millenials, plan your daily Outfits Of The Day or OOTDs. But just about for anyone, it is pratical to know the number of days you plan to vacay and bring enough clothes for your daily or evening activities (this will mostly take up your luggage space) and for your indoor wear and sleep wear.


For your hygiene necessities, like toiletries, medicines and your beauty stuff, try to repack them into smaller and reusable containers and pack them all together for easier retrieval.


Make sure to follow rules for carry-on luggages when traveling via plane.

3. Check the local weather

There is nothing more exciting than exploring the local landscapes, amenities, local food and must-visit places in your area. Be adventurous and try the outdoor activities in but be sure to check out the local weather forecast so you can plan accordingly or even plan alternatives for your activities.


Yet for me, it is still fun do some of the activities even when it is snowing or raining! So as much as possible, soak up the sun, be one with the wind, be wet and wild with the rain or make a snow angel in the snow, all up to you!

4. Inspect your vehicle, remember to check the following important items: BLOWBAGETS

For those who will be bringing their vehicles to their destinations this holiday season, don’t forget BLOWBAGETS.

Source: PIA Desk (twitter)

Popularized during 2012 by the Philippine information Agency and is just simply an acronym for Brake, Lights, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, Gas, Engine, Tire, and Self. These are 10 points to check for a much safer trip for you and your companions.

5. Better be safe than sorry

Though you are careful on the road and ensured all of the safety precautions, you cannot completely say for all the other drivers and the other unknown forces of nature. Before any untoward incident happens, (knock on wood), make sure that your precious family members and your hard-earned assets are well-taken cared of. You need to safeguard your family and your asset from the consequences of loss or damage that may possibly occur, have them insured.


There are a lot of insurance policies out there in the market. It is upto you to select the best accident insurance, best fire insurance or best car insurance in the Philippines, depending on your needs and financial capability. Just think of it as an asset or an investment rather than an expense, during unforeseen circumstances.


Before leaving home, make sure to check all faucets and appliances are turned off or unplugged. Better yet, invest in home security like CCTV cameras or have your trusty neighbor watch over your beloved home.

Check also if everyone is healthy or have special needs during the trip, especially those who have allergies. Don’t forget to bring those medicines just because you see a shiny, extra crispy piece of lechon skin.In case of emergencies, better know the hotline number of the police and hospital in your destination.

6. Enjoy!


Christmas, as stated in a song, is the most wonderful time of the year! It is the time when families and friends gather and meet not only for the food and the gifts but also to celebrate the reason for the season, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. Share the blessings as much as you can since not all of us are lucky to receive extra blessings.


Remember to give the gift of giving with open arms to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Just enjoy, relax and see an MMFF movie. Haha! Kidding aside, just enjoy this special bonding session with your family and friends.

Merry Christmas to one and all! Off you go!