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CHOCOLEA, New Yummy Chocolate Drink With A Twist


CHOCOLEA, New Yummy Chocolate Drink With A Twist

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Mention chocolate drink and surely, the image of a soothing, smooth, creamy and delectable cup of yummy goodness comes to mind.

Chocolates give us the happy hormones we all deserve. But do you know that chocolates contain powerful antioxidants such as flavonols that could ward off inflammation and shield us from cell damage? Apart from this, chocolates also contain prebiotics which could generate friendly bacteria in our gut. Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that act like fertilizers that stimulate the growth of good bacteria. These help produce nutrients for our colon cells, which make up for a healthier digestive system.

Chocolea, the newest chocolate drink of Starkaffea Corporation, even goes beyond providing all of the above: a healthy flavourful beverage. Starkaffea Corporation ensures that each Chocolea sachet contains its signature healthy sweetener, the coconut sugar.

A study conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute shows that coconut sugar is classified as a lowest Glycemic Index (GI) food and is considered as having the lowest GI of 35 among all types of sugar.

Dr. Alberto T. Magpily vouched for the wonderful benefits derived from Chocolea. Dr Magpily is in charge of the UP College of Human Kinetics Sports Therapy Clinic. He is a former visiting consultant in Surgery at St Luke’s Medical Center, East Avenue Medical Center and General Malvar Hospital. He was Head, Physical Therapy Clinic, UP College of Human Kinetics.

He said that coconut sugar in Chocolea regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure and is rich in calcium and potassium. He said that it also helps manage diabetes and boosts the immune system.

Each cup of Chocolea is fortified with the healthiest ingredients coupled with Vitamins A, C, calcium and iron. Proudly-Philippine made, Chocolea has to undergo a total of 50-trial formulation to ensure that it has the quality ingredients that best suit the Filipino taste buds.

This chocolate drink is now available in select supermarkets and Fintech companies such as Shoppee and Lazada. Each chocolate goodness is best consumed by kids aged four years old and above, but even our parents and grandparents can enjoy Chocolea too.