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Celebrate July with Mighty Quinn's July Specials

Celebrate July with Mighty Quinn's July Specials

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From its humble roots as a stall in Smorgasburg, Brooklyn’s largest outdoor food market, to its international expansion in Dubai, Taiwan, and Manila, Mighty Quinn’s has consistently served up some of the best slow-smoked barbeque.
The approach of Mighty Quinn’s to meat is simple — it’s all about sourcing the best quality ingredients and cooking it the old-school way with wood and time, adding just the right amount of salt and spice to let that lovely marriage of process and product evolve into something transcendent. Already at its second branch here in Manila, Mighty Quinn’s stands as the only authentic New York-style slow-smoked barbeque in the Philippines.


The original Pitmaster, Hugh Mangum, frequents Manila to check the quality of our meats and our craft ensuring we consistently serve slow-smoked perfection. Through his many visits, he has gained an understanding of the Filipino people, and inspired by this, Hugh has created a roster of dishes that he’s made exclusively for the Filipino palate, taking All-American slow-smoking techniques and making it new with an Asian Twist.

Beast Burger

A call back to the Johnny Cash sandwich in Mighty Quinn’s New York, where a customer requested two meats between buns. Inspired by this, Hugh made a meat lover’s burger which boasts two kinds of premium slow smoked barbeque, with four times more meat than our regular burgers, topped with our signature slaw and sandwiched between two toasted brioche buns. Served with a side of crispy sweet potato chips.

Beast Burger.jpg

Spare Ribs Unagi

Here’s the story: Hugh saw some of our unagi sauce in the kitchen and it got him thinking, “unagi sauce + slow-smoked ribs = umami bomb.” And there you go, our signature slow-smoked St. Louis cut spare ribs were blessed with more umami flavour by way of a sweet yet savoury caramelized unagi sauce glaze. Served with complimentary pickles, slaw, and your choice of garlic or dirty rice.
Spare Ribs Unagi.jpg

Manila Creamsickle Milkshake

Inspired by the freshness that calamansi gives so many of our dishes, Hugh came up with a way to refresh the classic American creamsicle—a creamsicle milkshake made with a tangy calamansi twist and topped with whipped cream and a biscoff cookie. It’s so good, Hugh might just bring some calamansi, Stateside!
Manila Creamsicle MIlkshake.jpg
Taste Hugh’s new creations only this month of July! Available in our stores in Megamall (3F, Mega Fashion Hall), and Power Plant Mall (R2 Level).