Tuesday, September 26, 2023

‘Cashless on Delivery’ is the new ‘COD’ when ordering online with PayMaya


‘Cashless on Delivery’ is the new ‘COD’ when ordering online with PayMaya

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Cashless is now replacing the “Cash” in “COD” when it comes to delivery of food and goods online as Filipinos are now opting for a better and safer way to pay with PayMaya as we live through the New Normal. 

With “Cashless on Delivery” gaining more popularity among consumers, PayMaya is helping ensure that customers can order from more merchants and service providers offering delivery of meals and other essentials nationwide.

 By simply scanning the QR code or paying using cards through the PayMaya One device carried by delivery riders, customers can be assured of completely contact-free delivery whenever they order online. This also helps ensure that delivery personnel are safe and protected from unnecessary contact as they go around the city for work.

“For so long, ‘cash’ has been the usual mode of payment for many Filipinos, so much that the term ‘COD’ or Cash on Delivery has been coined whenever you order online. But with our current situation, ‘cashless’ is now quickly becoming the default, and through our innovative payment methods at PayMaya, we are excited to redefine ‘COD’ to mean Cashless on Delivery for the safety and convenient of both customers and riders, as we rely more on delivery services for our day-to-day essentials,” said Shailesh Baidwan, President of PayMaya.

What’s even more exciting is that customers can enjoy this elevated COD experience whether they’re planning to order a Pinoy celebration feast, or are simply craving for that classic chicken dinner. Here’s a list of establishments where you can conveniently and safely pay cashless on delivery today: 

1. Classic favorites 

Satisfy your Chickenjoy, Peach Mango Pie, or Jolly Spaghetti cravings from Jollibee without a hint of worry, because now you can pay for your meals by simply swiping your card.

2. Pizza cravings

Got a craving for pizza? You’re in luck—PayMaya has also partnered with Shakey’s! Order your favorite mojos at Shakeys with their new Truffle Greens Pizza and pay contactless for safer transactions.

3. Pinoy comfort food

Your favorite Pinoy restaurant has also gotten in on the cashless action, as Kuya J offers cashless on delivery. Now, ordering crispy pata and halo-halo for your Sunday lunch has just gotten more convenient.

4. Celebration staples

No celebration is ever complete without Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants and Goldilocks. Don’t let any milestone pass by without a fun Pinoy celebration – even with just your immediate family at home. To make it more special, order your favorite Goldilocks cake and Ambers spaghetti and have it delivered to your home. You have the option to pay for your Goldilocks order via card or PayMaya QR. Meanwhile, Ambers accepts PayMaya QR payment option for their deliveries.

5. Quality ingredients

Even with all these delicious options, nothing beats a nice homecooked meal for your family. And WalterMart has the perfect solution for that. If you’re planning to treat your loved ones with your specialty dish, why not have quality ingredients delivered to your home? Waltermart accepts cashless on delivery to make your experience hassle-free.

Apart from the safety and convenience, paying cashless on delivery can be rewarding, too! PayMaya users who #ScanToPay using PayMaya QR can get up to 100% cashback for a minimum purchase of P500 in their chosen merchants, for an even better delivery experience.

PayMaya is continuously adding more merchants to its growing list of partners who are offering this new and better way to pay for deliveries. So the next time you need to have food and essentials delivered, take the safer and more convenient way—go cashless on delivery with PayMaya! 

Getting PayMaya and going cashless for everything you want and need is very easy. Just register for a PayMaya account here, and find out what it’s like to shop with the fastest, safest, and most rewarding, to pay for anything online and in stores! Remember, for your essential deliveries and more, don’t pay cash. PayMaya! 

To find out about all the exclusive deals you can avail of with your PayMaya account, visit www.paymaya.com/deals or follow @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.