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Beat the Summer Heat with the sizzling offers from the AllHome 3.3 March Madness Sale!

Beat the Summer Heat with the sizzling offers from the AllHome 3.3 March Madness Sale!

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Did you also feel that January was like the longest month this year? How about February? February just flew by and it’s already March! Ushering in the hotter breeze but the most exciting times to take a vacation, summer! But are you really ready for summer?

Great thing here comes All Home’s 3.3 March Madness Sale for you to fulfill all your needs to beat the heat and enjoy the coming Summer Season!

AllHome has an upcoming promo both in-store in all of AllHome branches and online at for 3.3, which is the 3.3 March Madness Sale! The 3.3 March Madness Sale will run from March 3 to March 5, 2023.

What’s even greater is that this is your chance to get the biggest and the best deals:

☑️ Stackable vouchers

☑️ Free delivery up to P150

☑️ P33 deals

☑️.Flash Sales

☑️.Discounts up to 60% off

What’s not to love right?!

So, here are recommendations that you can consider in order for you to be summer ready:

ENJOY THE SUMMER SUN with these items

  • LG XBoom Go PL5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker ₱5,690.00 from ₱6,320.00 (10% savings!)

With this water-resistant and splash-proof speaker that can last upto 18 hours of battery life, your vacation will be filled with music to the tune of summer vacay!

  • GoPro HERO11 Black ₱29,990.00

Capture precious and once-in-a-lifetime moments with the most powerful GoPro yet. You may also get incredible highlight videos sent to your phone automatically, considering you have data where you are.

  • Promate SolarBank-15 Shockproof Outdoor Solar Charging 15000 mAh Power bank ₱2,495.00

Solarbank-15 features a built-in high-efficiency solar panel, which lets you charge the power bank at faster speeds when outdoors so you can enjoy every adventure and every trip without the hassle of running out of juice.

  • Firefly Rechargeable Fan with Night Light ₱499.75 from ₱799.75 (38% savings!)

Say that you’ve been a boy scout or a girl scout without saying that you’ve been a boy scout or a girl scout?Well, this is it! A handy lamp, LED Night light and fan in one in case power is not an option in your destination.

BEAT THE HEAT INDOORS and stay out of the sun

  • Haeir Split Type Aircon Inventer ₱21,995.00 from ₱34,998.00 (37% savings!)

With it’s self-cleaning function and 63% Energy Saving features who wouldn’t love to just stay in and be cozy within the comforts of your own home.

  • Gibson Home Flourishing 12 piece Dinnerware Set ₱315.00 from ₱1,575.00 (80% savings!)

Instead of going out, invite your friends and cook them a decent meal and serve them in this simple yet elegant set that will bring a pop of style and fun to your meal time.

  • Wall Mirror 3K MRPROPST333 16×48 ₱900.00 from ₱3,199.75 (72% savings!×48.html

Plan, prepare and execute your summer OOTDs infront of this big mirror. You may ev en do a summer fashion show while at it. The mirror also doubles also as an aesthetic feature in any room.

  • Niclas Metal Barstool ₱1,558.00 from ₱5,195.00 (70% savings)

Entertaining at home becomes more elegant and stylish with this barstool!

These items and a lot more can be checked out at the AllHome 3.3 March Madness sale just in time for your summer vacation or your summer home improvement plans.

Don’t miss out on these great deals from the AllHome 3.3 March Madness Sale.

The AllHome 3.3 March Madness Sale will be exclusively available in-store at AllHome branches nationwide and online at on March 3-5, 2023.