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ABS-CBN Food Magazine's Food Tastings: Holiday Feasts


ABS-CBN Food Magazine's Food Tastings: Holiday Feasts

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Food Magazine, the country’s largest selling culinary magazine published by ABS-CBN Publishing, co-presented by Lifestyle and Shangri-La Plaza, had the 4th and last leg of “Food Tastings” for the year. It highlighted easy yet delectable menu to help Filipinos get their dining tables ready for the holidays.
The much-awaited cookfest was held at the Shangri-La Plaza with guest kitchen masters Chef Pixie Sevilla for Sapporo,  Chef John Cu-Unjieng for JAM Foods & Co., Chef Deejay Santos for Tefal, and Chef Andrew Rondolo for La Creperie.
The cookfest was started by Chef Pixie Sevilla introducing her All In One Noche Buena Sotanghon using Sapporo Long Kow Vermicelli (sotanghon).
I am sure this recipe is is a must since we Filipinos believe that noodles bring long life aside from the fact that noodles are really for sharing for big groups or familes. The recipe uses some of the ingredients that are also in your holiday tables: lechon kawali or lechon laman, Christmas ham, lechon manok and quezo de bola.
Next recipe was for the BBQ Chicken Roll Ups and Pasta Paella Valencia by Tefal’s resident Chef Deejay Santos.
This recipe uses chicken breast fillet stuffed with ham and cheese. TWhat’s interesting is the use of La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon! Did you know that this product exists? OMG I can already imagine recipes I could be doing with this product. (sponsorship please? haha). The chicken roll ups would be a star in your dining table during the holidays.
Chef Santos also prepared Pasta Paella Valenciana. The traditional Paella Valenciana is served with rice so with this recipe you can wow your guests to this literal ‘twist’ in your pasta dish. The recipe used San Remo Fettuccine, Clara Ole Three Cheese Pasta Sauce and La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
What is a holiday feast without the meat? Chef John Cu-Unjieng of Jam Foods & Co. certainly knows that meat is king during the holidays.
This Angus Beef Salpicao is so simple to prepare using JAM Foods pre-packed Beef Salpicao which are chunks of imported Angus Beefy yumminess.
The morning after Christmas, why not prepare JAM Foods delicious Angus Beef Tapa and prepare it over a steaming plate of garlic rice, with a side dish of itlog na pula (red egg) and diced tomatoes. Yum!
There’s always room for dessert right? Chef Andrew Rosolo from La Creperie got it covered.
If you have not yet thought of what to prepare for Christmas dessert? Why not this Salidou Sweet Crepe? Prepared over a large wide skillet, assemble the crepe using your favorite fruits or chocolates. You can be creative and original with your own crepe recipe.
Or why not go overload with your fruit toppings like this one? Yummy!
This is a yearly event so better be on the look-out for Food Tastings on What To Eat PH and Foodflings.PH so you will have an idea on what you can prepare for your group and family gatherings.
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