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A peek into the CBTL 2018 Giving Journal

A peek into the CBTL 2018 Giving Journal

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Ready to redeem your 2018 CBTL Giving Journal?

It’s Christmas season again in the Philippines. As Filipinos, we have many activities during the longest Christmas Season in the world there’s doing early Christmas gift shopping (do we?), setting up our Christmas decors during September, planning our vacation and our noche buena menu (of course there will be cake, softdrinks and desserts as default) but it cannot be denied that for millenials, another tradition has been added to our list: Journal or Planner redemption. Or should I call it, stamp collecting or sticker collecting. To get you excited, for now, I will feature The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  (CBTL) Philippines’ 2018 Giving Journal.
The promo period is from October 21, 2017 to January 14, 2018  so better start collecting those stamps! More of the mechanics can be seen in the CBTL stamp card. What’s new for me? The journal can be bought straight up for P1,999 and regular-sized drinks can now earn you stamps too! Isn’t that amazing? Now, for the peek at the journal.
The theme this year is “Leave a Legacy” as seen from the CBTL Journal’s cover. It has been 10 years that the Giving Journal has been launched and it means CBTL has been giving back to the Philippine Community for a long time too because every redeemed  CBTL journal ensures that at least one of our “kababayans” has been touched by your generousity. This year, the Real Life Foundation, who helps serve the poor in the Philippines by providing opportunities for educational assistance and holistic development, has been the chosen foundation.

There are four designs for 2018 : blue, green gray and the customizable journal. (awww no purple guys, sorry)
These are the four colors of the 2018 Giving Journal and NO, the cinnamon buns are not included.

When you touch the cover of this blue one, it seems that the black linings have been engraved or carved out of this rubber or leather-like cover which makes it my choice. For the customizable one, you can give it your personal touch by putting your color of choice into the cover by using colored pens or markers.
Pretty cool for a cover. Seemed like it was really prepared meticulously since the drawing was somewhat engraved or carved into the cover.

The customizable white and gold journal

Mostly common to any journal, the first page you will see is the Personal Information sheet that you can fill-out. But please keep these information secured at all times.

Personal Information Page
Your Personal Information Page

Most of the first pages are dedicated to the 10 years of the Giving Journal on how it all started and what CBTL has been doing to give back to our community. It also shares a timeline of the different journals published since 2009. I have been collecting this since 2011 so I have 8 of these journals. #loyalCBTLfollower

There is still the monthly coupon freebies page which we all love.
The Freebie Coupons page

Each month contains several sections that would really make you plan monthly: list of your top 3 priorities, list of things you are grateful for, realizations and learnings, action plans and a health tracker for the different aspects of your life. Same outline as the previous journals, an art page that contains positive inspirations featured for every month, a monthly spread followed by a weekly spread on the left side and a notes area on the right side. The journal still has extra pages for your extra notes near the end pages.

What’s new?

  • A Gratitude Jar –  a doodle jar with a collection of things that you are grateful for
  • Your 2018 Giving Journey Roadmap – list down or attach pictures on how you give back
  • Letter to End The Year– a letter to your future self in which you can look back on 2019
  • Cute and colorful stickers, unlike those like last year that were all too in sepia 🙂

So… are you enticed enough to get your own CBTL 2018 Giving Journal?
Go get your stamp card now and soon enough you will be on your way to redeem your 2018 Journal and do your share in helping The Real Life Foundation. 🙂