Burger made better with three types of bacon is coming to KFC stores


Prepare your palettes as KFC brings us the all-time favorite Zinger, now made even more craveable with three types of bacon, the Baconized Zinger.

KFC signature Zinger fillet is topped with a slice of cheese, lettuce, loaded with 3 types of bacon – – baconnaise sauce, smoky BBQ bacon relish, and finished with strips of bacon. All sandwiched in one big bun.

The Baconized Zinger will be available in the following formats: *

● Zinger Ala Carte – Php 150

● Zinger Combo – Php 199

● Snacker Ala Carte – Php 100

● Snacker Combo – Php 154

● Snacker Fully Loaded Meal – Php 195

● Baconized Bucket of Fries – Php 99

This revolutionary innovation from KFC will surely fulfill your bacon-lover dreams. So what are you waiting for? Give in to this irresistable bacon goodness and have your tummies filled at KFC stores near you!

* Prices may vary





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