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Toritake: Authentic Yakitori comes to the Philippines


Toritake: Authentic Yakitori comes to the Philippines

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Given our fondness for grilled chicken, it is easy to see why yakitori is a concept that enjoys a following in the Philippines. But while many places claim to sell the traditional Japanese delicacy in the country, restaurants with authentic yakitori are still few and far between.
Despite a name that simply means “grilled chicken”, authentic yakitori is actually more than just skewered meat on a grill – behind it lies an intricate process that involves choice ingredients and unique grilling techniques.
This process is alive and well in Shibuya, Japan, where a hole-in-the-wall draws a high number of tourists and locals diners alike. This restaurant is called TORITAKE and it has been setting the bar high when it comes to serving authentic yakitori since 1963.
Toritake owes the success to their traditional yet meticulous standards in the kitchen and it starts with the delicate process of sourcing their meat.  Every chicken must weigh two kilograms or more to ensure every serving comes at the right size. The restaurant also never uses chicken meat that has been frozen or thawed – guaranteeing tender, tastier and juicier yakitori.
According to Toritake’s Director and Executive Chef Yuzuke Teruya, staying true to tradition is what keeps them relevant in Japan.
“Many Yakitori places in Japan have adapted a modern look and style in cooking. But at Toritake, we prefer to provide our diners the experience of eating yakitori in a traditional Japanese restaurant setting” he says. Even the decor at their original spot has remained the same since 1963.
Now grilling at its second home. Filipinos as one of their top foreign customers, Teruya shares it’s just fitting for Toritake to have their first international expansion in the Philippines. He says they have seen the Filipino’s love for their yakitori so they have decided to open their doors here to cater to more customers.
Located at the U.P. Town Center in Quezon City, Toritake Philippines is now ready to grill and serve its best-selling dishes from Japan.
Get ready to savor the goodness of the classic Grilled Chicken Breast in Yakitori Sauce, Chicken Tail Ajishio, and Hock Ajishio (hock is the meat near the tail of the chicken.
Apart from yakitori, diners can also enjoy their offerings such as Tsumire (chicken meatballs stuffed with bell peppers), Tsukune (chicken meatballs with bell pepper, carrots and egg, seasoned with Japanese spice), Chicken Karaage, Chicken Ketchup Rice, Potato Salad, and Toritake Special Soup. And just like its store in Japan, Toritake PH also has bigger servings, so it’s good value for money and guarantees a more satisfying Japanese dining experience.
Toritake Philippines will be available to Filipino yakitori lovers soon. For more information, follow their social media accounts.
Facebook: Toritake Philippines
Instagram: @ToritakePH